Cribs: Valgeir Sigurðsson

There are few Icelandic artists who haven’t worked with Valgeir. Supreme engineer and producer who has toured the world working with people far and wide. He kindly spares us some time to look around his fantastic studio, live room and home to the record label he founded Bedroom Community.

About 10 years ago, in what Christian would describe as a ‘different lifetime away’, Valgeir worked on a new album with act “The Seventh Sun” in a studio in Acton, London. One of the founding members, Joe Henson, suggested once the album was mixed that they go and play it at his brother’s party palace in Soho -a massive converted warehouse that played host to the first Spitfire HQ. So in a brief drunken and very memorable impromptu album listening party Christian & Valgeir met. Here they are a decade, several children and a few grey hairs later reflecting on Valgeir’s experience of travelling the world and meeting countless different acts through production and engineering, and how work has led to Valgeir creating some very special work of his own; an insight into his very unique workplace and willingness to always be able to shift stuff around and change stuff up, and that, not unlike Spitfire Audio, a fleeting, almost whimsical idea can become something that defines you - for Valgeir, his worldwide “Bedroom Community”.