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Creative Cribs: Nathan Barr

At the end of 2018, we were invited to True Blood composer Nathan Barr’s studio for a very special studio tour. 

“Two-time Emmy-nominated composer Nathan Barr has received critical acclaim for his unmatched versatility, incorporating eclectic instruments from musical cultures across the world.”

Known for scoring all six seasons of FX’s The Americans, Netflix’s Hemlock Grove & Amazon Prime’s Sneaky Pete, Nathan’s TV scoring credits are extensive. His talents also extend to the feature film world, where he has worked closely with Cabin Fever & Hostel creator, Eli Roth. As well as composing his soundtracks, Nathan also performs many of the instruments featured, and his studio is home to a large collection from around the world, including a human bone trumpet from Tibet, dismantled pianos, a rare Glass Armonica, and Gourd cellos. 

Nathan also owns a gargantuan three manual, 19 rank Wurlitzer Theater Organ with 1,366 pipes. The organ lived on the scoring stage at 20th Century Fox from 1928-1998, and can be heard in dozens of scores by legendary composers such as Bernard Herrmann, Alex North, Jerry Goldsmith, and John Williams. It is now the centrepiece of Nathan’s newly constructed Bandrika Studios, an 8,000 sq ft scoring stage and recording facility, conceived by Nathan as a permanent home for this impressive instrument steeped in history.

Listen to nathan's soundtrack's here: