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Creative Cribs: John Paesano

Whilst in LA, Christian and the Spitfire team paid a visit to composer John Paesano for a tour of his studio. 

John Paesano is an LA-based composer with a wide collection of titles under his name (Mass Effect: Andromeda, Detroit: Become Human, Maze Runner, Daredevil). Whilst taking a tour around John’s studio, he shares his plan of how he wanted the studio to be and stressed the importance of comfort for when clients come to visit. As John works on a variety of projects that differ in workflow, he felt it was important to build not only enough space for additional assistants, but also to make the space modular. This means that at any given moment, John and his team can transform and record live.

Listen to a selection of John's soundtracks here:

Composer Insight: John Paesano

Watch the full Composer Insight with John and Christian here.