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Cribs: Castle Sound

It was great to visit Castlesound near Edinburgh to see how a studio with this history and heritage can survive and thrive during this ‘in the box’ era that we live in; that with the right environment, musicians can get together and focus on performance as opposed to becoming slaves to a computer generated click.

Stuart kindly took us on a tour of this fabulous and vibey studio, from its large live room through to an amazing mic collection. Stuart repeatedly underlined the importance of maintaining a studio that functions as opposed to a museum that harks back to a bygone era. So from his choice of microphones (modern classics trumping temperamental relics) to the desk, his key philosophy is maintaining a world class facility that is fully functional and not at risk of suffering session meltdown at the hands of poorly maintained vintage equipment. Stuart has some of the most extraordinary outboard equipment and talks to us about a hybrid in AND out of the box way of working. And that certain plugins are helpful and informative, where outboard and hardware based solutions offer a more intuitive and tactile experience.

It was also great to talk to Stuart about what makes Scotland’s music tick; that from The Blue Nile to the modern resurgence in ‘traditional’ music, Castlesound has been capturing a Caledonian culture where music is its beating heart. We thank Stuart for allowing us to ogle his simply amazing set of tools, toys and goodies!