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Cribs: Anne Dudley

Christian was very honoured to return to Hertfordshire where he had spent three happy years learning from a master of her craft, the multi decorated, Oscar winning, Anne Dudley. Here’s what he had to say about it.

If I’m honest I have to admit I was very nervous about this. To return to a place where I’d spent so much time, in what has to be the best paid apprenticeship in town. Now as an ersatz interviewer it is a curious change in dynamic for both parties. But it wasn’t long until the immensely hospitable Anne and Roger made us feel at home. I was fascinated to see that like many trailblazers she had a technical workflow that had evolved to embrace how she works best. To quote Olafur Arnalds who mainly works in audio and the difficulties that it presents for re-cuts “yes, it does make for a lot of work, but that’s not a reason not to do it”, Anne echoed this sentiment with a “sometimes it means I have to do my job three times over”. Her stoicism in working in a ‘no nonsense’ manner with piano, paper and pencil, whilst still embracing technology is a testament to this. 

Anne is quite an extraordinary British talent who has touched all of our lives, from the work with ABC, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and as a founder member of The Art Of Noise, she is part of our sonic heritage. Her work in film is no less impressive from her awesome score for American History X, her Oscar winning Full Monty, to the immensely complex task of Les Misérables. Anne has a rich history of concert work whilst also penning sublime work for the immensely popular Poldark. I’m so thankful to Anne for letting us in and giving her very original insight into workflow, people skills and how to keep calm and carry on.