Using Imagery from behind the scenes on Albion V, Christian traces a profound journey collaborating with his business partner Paul in creating something very special.


Creating a whole new concept for a sample library can be a daunting process, but as this film shows a simple moment of inspiration and a few texts between long-time business partners can lay plans for a whole new feast of recordings. 

The following is a transcription of their brief text exchange one beautiful Summer morning.

CH: Are you there?
PT: yes just having first coffee of the day. What’s up?
CH: I’ve had an idea
PT: uh oh
CH: so I’ve been trying to make strings play a certain way for years
CH: sense vib, glassy in tone, icy… you know my thing.
PT: yes
CH: …and you know how popular our flautandos are?
PT: yes
CH: …and those weird frozen strings have flown off the shelves…
CH: …along with Olafur’s stuff?
PT: yeah it’s been crazy.
CH: well I think we should do a lib that concentrates on that kinda stuff
PT: good idea, like a Scandi thing?
CH: well yes, but that kind of stuff tends to be small and dry…
CH: I’d say more Baltic, think Part’s work with the Estonian orchestras
PT: not sure I know what you mean
CH: check out the version of Fratres with Gil Shaham, just from 1m30
PT: beautiful
CH: but all early reflection yes?
PT: yeah its really ambient
CH: So I think we should go massive and really broad sounding
PT: In the hall?
CH: Oh yes
CH: …and I think it would be nice to really concentrate on the quiet layers
PT: What if we didn’t record any loud at all?
CH: bit niche?
PT: No, imagine if we made all the really quiet levels really dynamic
CH: like mp down to stupid quiet?
PT: especially if we had a REALLY big band
CH: what are you thinking?
PT: 20 1sts, 18 seconds?
CH: NO… HOW???!!!
PT: No violas?
CH: Really? A bit risky?
PT: no imagine an orchestral with its own smile EQ
CH: thats EXACTLY what I mean, imagine Tom Newman’s opening to Nemo?
PT: 12 Cellos, 6 basses, and record it Antiphon?
CH: whassat?
PT: violin sections opposite ends of room, cellos and basses in middle?
CH: oooh yes I likey lotty
PT: What will we call it? Frozen Symphonics?
CH: No… you see that’s just the tip?
PT: of what?
PT: Noooooooo!!!!!
CH: yes…..
CH: …it’s time
CH: …they’re ready.