What a year 2016 has been for Labs Charities, raising over £56,000! Many Thanks for all your generous donations.

Paul and I are so proud of the joint efforts of our Labs team and your very generous support. To have a ‘let-our-hair-down-and-have-fun’ part of our business where we get to try stuff out, experiment a little, and offer up samples warts n’ all is such a vital part of our enterprise. It has also given rise to some of our most popular lines, namely our Evo Grids and Albion V. But to have it raise so much for children’s charities too is such an unexpected joy. So far this year we have raised over £56,000 - truly amazing. We hope this inspires you to continue engaging with this fun and often really inspiring content into 2017. We have some great stuff slated including some really quite ambitious mini projects.

As of this month we’ve decided to concentrate our efforts on Magic Breakfast and Safer London. We feel that these charities need help more than ever and really feel that our humble monthly contribution makes a difference. So hopefully by increasing that they will also enjoy a slightly better 2017. If you’ve been down the back of the sofa and have more pennies to spare, please don’t hesitate in contributing directly… Not only are they doing great work that makes a huge difference, both charities have the nicest possible people working for them.


As is common at this time of year, we up our efforts for a seasonal boost. This year have worked on three magical new instruments for you, which we hope you grab, not only for your enjoyment, but to give these two charities a welcome Christmas surge.

All that Paul and I have left to say is thanks again for your very generous support, have a very happy Christmas, a prosperous and healthy New Year, and enjoy these three new beauties!

Christian Henson.

Tundra Atmos

Whilst making the launch video for Albion V Tundra, our ultra-quiet, epic orchestral adventure, we wanted to capture the sounds of the different locations we visited, all near-silent in their own way. We have committed to tape the sounds of volcanic hinterlands in Iceland, where the wind didn’t sound like it usually does without any vegetation to breathe through, a lapping Scottish loch and the extraordinary reverberant and utterly quiet environment of an Estonian forest, plus more. Harry has expertly captured these magical environments on what was a very magical journey.

Electric Mandolin

Continuing our efforts to capture the spirit of less commonly used stringed instruments, Harry and Jess have exhaustedly sampled this fine if not diminutive instrument through our awesome collection of backline via a-list microphones. Give it a go and then put one of these on your Christmas list!

Milk Bottles

We can’t actually believe that we haven’t done these yet! With the sound of milk bottles clattering around on electric milk carts still very much part of London’s sonic tapestry, something has clearly been amiss! As always with these little gems we have gone overboard, over engineered and pored over the whiteboard to create a definitive set of detailed milk bottles to add to your Spitfire Audio sonic menagerie!