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Soft String Textures

Written and created by Pianobook Artist - Dan Keen

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    Written and created by Pianobook Artist - Dan Keen

    Soft String Textures is the ultimate embodiment of the original Soft String Spurs concept. Featuring three of Dan's all-time favourite string players, this collaboration captures bespoke performances and articulations that have been workshopped to deliver stunning realism and emotive depth to your music.

    Formed of solo violin, viola and cello, Soft String Textures leans heavily on the musicality of three sublime players - Ellie Consta, Georgie Davis and Meera Raja. Recorded in Studio B at Spitfire Audio HQ, this library is intimate and immediate. Captured at 96kHz by an 8-mic array, each player was recorded individually for fine control. Alongside 5 core articulations, Soft String Textures also features 10 warps to add a hybrid element to your scores.

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    Includes Kontakt Player (free download)

    Compatible with NKS

    Listen to Soft String Textures

    Feat. LABS Tape Orchestra and live synths

    Feat. live guitars and vocals


    What's included


    • Solo Violin
    • Solo Viola
    • Solo Cello


    • Soft String Spurs
    • Staggered Tremolo
    • Harmonic Whistlesq
    • Sporadic Trills Maj 2nd
    • Sporadic Trills Maj 3rd


    • Warp 01 - Under The Surface.nki
    • Warp 02 - Through Gritted Teeth.nki
    • Warp 03 - 1982.nki
    • Warp 04 - Cassette Dreams.nki
    • Warp 05 - Subliminal Pulses.nki
    • Warp 06 - Don't Rock The Boat.nki
    • Warp 07 - Flying Fish.nki
    • Warp 08 - Like A Bulldozer.nki
    • Warp 09 - Like A Sine Wave.nki
    • Warp 10 - Actually A Sine Wave.nki


    • Dynamics
    • Expression
    • Reverb
    • Attack
    • Release
    • Warp FX

    Mics & mixes

    • Close
    • Room
    • Dan Keen Bespoke Mix


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    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.15 or later

    Minimum Intel Quad Core i5

    4GB RAM or higher

    32bit DAWs not supported

    Machine must be connected to internet during install

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10

    Minimum Quad Core CPU

    4GB RAM or higher

    32bit DAWs not supported

    Must be connected to internet on install

    Machine must be connected to internet during install

    File size


    Kontakt player

    Version 6.7 or higher

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