Bridgerton Scoring Competition

Entries are now closed - thank you for all your submissions! Find out who won in the video below.

Our Bridgerton Competition Winners

The winner will receive

The Everything Collection (every Spitfire Audio library on two external SSDs, totalling over $25,000), a virtual mentoring session with series composer Kris Bowers, and a manuscript of the Bridgerton Theme, signed by Kris Bowers.

Four runners-up will receive

Symphony Complete Professional, featuring libraries totalling over $4000, and a manuscript of the Bridgerton Theme, signed by Kris Bowers.

The individuality of your score

You don’t have to match the original score, you can use whichever sounds you feel works with the visuals. It could be one instrument for the whole clip or you could mix and match as it develops. It’s about what YOU do with this scene with fresh eyes and ears.

Fitting the scene

There are several different scenes and locations in the competition clip, so you’ll need to handle each one with care and ensure you transition between them without distracting from the story. There is also a lot of dialogue so be careful not to take over the scene!

Handling emotions

With such a variety of scenes within the clip we’ll be looking for scores that pay attention to the emotions at each point and how they balance with the visuals.

Bridgerton winners

Inside the score

We visited Bridgerton composer Kris Bowers in his LA studio for a score breakdown like no other. See how a pro scored the exact clip from our Bridgerton Scoring Competition for the ultimate masterclass - you never know, you may pick up just the inspiration you need to win!