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Abbey Road One: Thematic Trumpets

The iconic sound of cinema

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  • The iconic sound of cinema

    Establish signature themes with this heroic accompaniment to Abbey Road’s Studio One. With particular focus on lead lines and fanfare, this inimitable trumpet collection offers commanding presence without being piercing or clichéd. The ‘Thematic’ in the name suggests infinite possibilities for developing narrative structure within your compositions, paired with the exquisite acoustics of this fabled studio, propel this brass offering above and beyond. From valiant, emotive tropes to menacing, antagonistic identifiers, this robust library delivers a vast array of thematic potential.

    Thematic Trumpets is available to purchase as a stand-alone library or as a brilliant addition to Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations. You can also purchase this as part of Abbey Road One: The Collection and save 30%.

    • Hard drive delivery available at checkout
    • You can buy now and download any time

    Our dedicated plugin

    Compatible with NKS

    7 articulations

    2 mixes / 10 mics

    Dedicated plugin

    Listen to Abbey Road One: Thematic Trumpets

    Thematic Trumpets player
    Thematic Trumpets player

    This library was recorded was in precisely the way the classic era scores were arranged and performed. The tone is rich, strong and declamatory — without being piercing.

    Paul Thomson

    Composer & Co-Founder of Spitfire Audio

    Thematic Trumpets player
    Abbey Road One GUI

    Abbey Road One The Collection Square Press

    Abbey Road One: The Collection

    The Collection brings together Orchestral Foundations and all available Selections. Everything you need to create cinematic scores, inspired by your favourite blockbuster movies.

    Amongst the best I've heard over the last 20 years.

    Abbey Road recording mics
    Abbey Road One and Spitfire Logo

    What's included

    4 trumpets in unison

    • Legato
    • Long
    • Long Sforzando
    • Staccatissimo
    • Staccato
    • Tenuto
    • Marcato


    • Mix 1
    • Mix 2


    • Vintage 1
    • Vintage 2
    • Pop Close
    • Pop Room
    • Close
    • Tree 1
    • Tree 2
    • Ambient
    • Outriggers
    • Spill


    Do I need to own Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations to buy this library?

    No, this library will act as a stand alone library, opening up inside the Abbey Road One plug-in. But if you were to own Abbey Road One Orchestral Foundations, it will work seamlessly together.

    How does your dedicated plug-in work?

    Our dedicated plug-in libraries work as standalone instruments in your DAW, meaning that no serial number is provided and the authorisation process happens during your download. We provide an AU, VST2, VST3 and an AAX, so as long as your chosen DAW supports one of those plug-in formats, you’re good to go.

    I own Orchestral Foundations, how do I install a Selection?

    From our Spitfire Audio App, you install the selections into your pre existing Spitfire Audio - Abbey Road ONE folder. For those that do not own orchestral foundations, a selection is installed to your samples drive like any other product. Should you then install Orchestral Foundations or another selection later, these get installed to your now pre existing Spitfire Audio - Abbey Road ONE folder. 

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    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.15 to OS 13

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    Both Intel and Apple Silicon/ARM are supported

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10 or Windows 11 - (Latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM

    Recommended: Intel Core i7 6th gen and later or AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    File size

    10.7 GB uncompressed .WAV

    10.70 GB disk space required during install

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