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    The Collection brings together Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations and all Selections released so far, everything you need to create world-class cinematic scores. All recorded in the world’s most celebrated recording location Abbey Road's Studio One — from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, to Harry Potter and Avengers: Endgame — the sound of cinema.

    This series delivers a complete 90–piece symphonic orchestra captured in the same way your favourite composer would: unmistakable acoustics, exceptional players, award-winning sound engineers and priceless microphones. Offering strings, brass and woodwinds grouped into ensembles for instant playability, and completed by an exciting cinematic percussion section, all housed in our award-winning dedicated plug-in.

    Compatible with NKS

    What's included

    Abbey Road studio chairs wide shot
    Abbey Road Movies Banner

    There’s a magic in the air, it’s the essence of composers who’ve recorded here.

    Paul Thomson

    Co-Founder of Spitfire Audio

    Conductor and string section
    Abbey Road One main GUI


    How does your dedicated plug-in work?

    Our dedicated plug-in libraries work as standalone instruments in your DAW, meaning that no serial number is provided and the authorisation process happens during your download. We provide an AU, VST2, VST3 and an AAX, so as long as your chosen DAW supports one of those plugin formats, you’re good to go. This library is also NKS compatible.

    Tell me more about the Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations and the other Selections available.

    Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations is the first in a series of Film Scoring Selections, all recorded in Studio One. Abbey Road One: Sparkling WoodwindsAbbey Road One: Legendary Low StringsAbbey Road One: Wondrous FlutesAbbey Road One: Grand Brass, and Abbey Road One: Vibrant Reeds are smaller and more focused libraries inspired by classic films offering pre-orchestrated instrument pairings. Each of these Selections is designed to help you accomplish a simple task phenomenally well – such as creating achingly beautiful melodic low string lines with just one simple legato patch. They will work seamlessly alongside Orchestral Foundations as well as on their own. Priced at £49 $49 49€ you can pick and choose from these Selections to build your own palette of Abbey Road One instruments.

    I own Orchestral Foundations, how do I install a Selection?

    From our Spitfire Audio App, you install the selections into your pre-existing Spitfire Audio - Abbey Road One folder. For those that do not own orchestral foundations, a selection is installed to your samples drive like any other product. Should you then install Orchestral Foundations or another selection later, these get installed to your now pre-existing Spitfire Audio - Abbey Road One folder.nts.

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    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.10 to OS X 11

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz i7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    Intel and M1 Apple computers, 64 bit DAW required (32 bit DAWs not supported)

    Machine must be connected to the internet during install

    PC system requirements

    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5

    Recommended: Intel 2.8 GHz i7 (six-core) or AMD R7 2700

    Machine must be connected to the internet during install

    File size

    114.8 GB download size

    114.80 GB disk space required during install

    Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout