Ollie Waton Drums

Part of the Spitfire Labs Range

Christian has a new live room and wanted to test it out for drums. Spitfire welcomes showcasing the talents of the young up-and-coming Ollie Waton (www.olliewaton.com) and also Stanley Gabriel (www.stanleygabriel.com) who did such an amazing job of recording and mixing. Considering this is a freebie, it’s an amazingly versatile kit, and we think it just sounds brilliant. It has three mic positions, Close, Overheads, and Squash which as far as we wanted to go so it was easy on any system and enables users to play and program a pre-mixed kit. There’s up to 11 round robins, 4 dynamic layers on each drum. Two snares, two rim shots, snare and rimshot flams, and choke releases for the cymbals.

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