Bedlam Piano

Part of the Spitfire Labs Range

Christian Henson lives in a building designed to house doctors and nurses who worked at the infamous St Bethlem mental hospital. AKA Bedlam. It is now the home of the London Imperial War Museum. This is Christian’s family piano, an old 1970′s upright made in London. Christian has a large family so this piano is rarely in tune. “I always wanted a nicely out of tune piano sample but most VIs fall into 3 camps, pristine and in tune, out of tune and pub piano like, and a non-pristine piano pristinely tuned! I want something that will make me sound like Nick Cave or Warren Ellis” he said. So he monitored it’s detuning progress and one day out of the blue notified the Kings Cross team that “she’s baked”. Cicely Balston and Sebastian Truman decamped to Christian’s to sample this piano for all of our pleasure!

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