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2018 Professional


This inspiring collection brings together four of our finest, most sophisticated libraries released during 2018. Spitfire Studio Strings Professional is a versatile, drier library recorded at AIR, Studio One by Grammy-winning Simon Rhodes, appealing to composers and producers longing for control over their creativity. The thunderous Hans Zimmer Strings features a 344 piece string orchestra, recorded at the world-famous AIR Studios. Spitfire Solo Strings offers detailed and extensive collections of solo performances, including three differing styles of solo violinists, viola, cello and bass, as well as our most advanced total performance patch for virtuoso violin. British Drama Toolkit provides you with a new way of sketching and scoring music instantly, featuring strings and woodwinds that not only help you play your music — they help you compose it.

Product Info

  • ~467471 Samples
  • 76.0 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 443.7 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 494.2 GB disk space required during install
  • Free Kontakt Player Included

What’s included?

Spitfire Studio Strings Professional

Spitfire Studio Strings marks the first release of a vital all-new Spitfire Orchestra range. Our ambition was to create an incredibly versatile pro-end dry stage sample library. By choosing the crisp and vibrant setting of Air Studio One, a smaller, more controllable space than the opulent Lyndhurst Hall, we offer our fellow composers a string library with depth, detail and focus all at once. It will work on anything from passionate period dramas to modern Scandi noir. It’s a fit for quirky indie and crisp pop, but can also tackle epic film and games scores.

Hans Zimmer Strings

To create the greatest film scores in the world, you need to think outside the box. Hans Zimmer, the Godfather of Orchestral Sampling, came to Spitfire to produce this spectacular innovation; 344 players, AIR Studios… Only technology can allow you to play an ensemble this big. From thundering basslines to glass-like high strings, this is symphonic strings maximised.

With the help of design and user experience agency UsTwo (Monument Valley, DICE), Hans Zimmer Strings is available as a plugin developed primarily for composers, by composers. Take the dynamic of your scores to levels you’d never imagined with our most ambitious library yet.

Spitfire Solo Strings

Now with Cello Total Performance, Spitfire Solo Strings is our October Highlight – Save 30%.

Sometimes you need the intimacy and detail of a single voice to rise above the force of an orchestra. Reach for Spitfire Solo Strings, featuring exceptional first-call London virtuosos, ideal for adding individuality and definition to your scores and production.

Solo Strings is designed to stand out, but also to fit in: this entirely new library sits perfectly alongside the Spitfire orchestral ranges, utilising the same location, peerless signal chain, mic positions and range of articulations that make up the DNA of our high quality orchestral packages. Single players, recorded in the acoustic luxury of The Hall at AIR Studios, captured on rich sounding 2” tape.

British Drama Toolkit

We can’t write your music for you, but we can help you find your voice. The outstanding British Drama Toolkit provides the most instinctive, immediate and intense connection to the heart of your composition. Created in collaboration with composer Samuel Sim, it features an ensemble dedicated to the emotionally potent sound he is lauded for – but also presents a unique way of interacting with the players, which sets this instrument apart from anything we have created to date. This is not just a group that plays your music; it helps you compose it.

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