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Raven Bush - Moonglades


Enhance your sonic storytelling with this dynamic spectrum of contemporary sounds, made in collaboration with composer and producer Raven Bush. Effortlessly combining acoustic and electronic layers, Moonglades expands on Bush’s unique sonic fabric, as heard in his score to Coral Dolphin’s choreographed film of the same name, out now on SA Recordings.

A distillation of his unique approach to creating, recording and sampling, this sample library is made up of distinctive techniques performed on his baritone & five string violins, plus sounds made using his vintage synth collection, warped and weaved together with detailed programming and effects to create a stunning palette of visceral textures and melodic and percussive loops. With 47 presets and a wide range of effects built into our free and easy-to-use dedicated plugin, Moonglades is a highly versatile tool designed to stir emotions and offer endless inspiration for producers and composers alike.

Trailer Music — Raven Bush (0:00 / 1:00)

Moon Glide — Tom Furse (0:00 / 1:58)

Substitute — Louis Rugg (0:00 / 2:05)

Bluebell — Leo Wyatt (0:00 / 2:07)


Product Info

  • 0.7 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 0.70 GB disk space required during install
  • Mac system requirements Mac OS X 10.10 to OS X 10.15 Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM. Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM. Intel-based Apple computers only - Apple Silicon/ARM not yet supported. Machine must be connected to the internet during install

"The idea behind the library was to create something instantly satisfying and compelling to improvise with.”

— Raven Bush

— 47 presets

— Baritone Violin, 5 String Violin, Wurli, Synths and Percussion

— Available in our free and easy-to-use dedicated plug-in

— Unique violin techniques including the eerie 5 String Violin Contrary Motion, Chord Builder and Loop patches

— Synth textures and tempo-synced loops made from Bush's vintage synth collection, treated and twisted to create brassy tones, pulses, warped delays

— Industrial and visceral percussive tones

— A huge range of controls: Reverb, Delay, Release, Chorus, Variation, Flanger, Tightness and Time Stretch

— Time Machine speed slider (new feature)

— Big Hall, Plate and Room reverbs

— Instant access to a wide variety of inspiring sounds, designed for creating expressive music and unique soundscapes

— From contemporary electronic music to hybrid, modern film composition

Moonglades is a sample library released in conjunction with Raven Bush’s score of the same name, out now on SA Recordings — the London label owned by Spitfire Audio, dedicated to supporting music created by contemporary composers. This concept is an invitation for musicians and producers to reimagine, recreate or completely pull apart the sound world of an artist to facilitate their own vision.

Out now on SA Recordings, the score is available to buy on its own or as a digital bundle (digital download + sample library) via the SA Recordings website.

Stream or download Raven's score here.

d. The bright reflection of moonlight across a body of water.

Moonglades is simultaneously a short film, a score and a sample library which started life at Wicker Studios in South London, a studio full of vintage instruments and gear collected by Bush over the years. By layering his favourite instruments and sounds, from Lo (808, bass), Mid (chordal, melodic) to Hi (sound design, textural) he created a rich palette of sounds from which to compose with — a spectrum ranging from dark and haunting drones and textures to pure ethereal beauty. His work attracted the attention of New York-based choreographer and director Coral Dolphin, who asked him to turn his recent composition into a score to her stunning short film of the same name.

Described as "a spiritually layered intimate human experience", the film presents choreographed vignettes which explore the boundaries of humanity and insanity — a journey through multiple different dimensions, from trauma through to spiritual awakening and transcendence. The score enhances and brings to life the visceral and ethereal nature of the film, with the name 'Moonglades' chosen in part as a reflection of the unique creative collaboration between these two distinct creative forces, combining and bouncing off each other’s ideas from across the Atlantic.

Raven Bush is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who started playing his first instrument, the violin, at the age of 2. His inspirations are drawn from a wide range of sources, from Aphex Twin to Giacinto Scelsi. His music upholds a balance between the orchestral and electronic, abstract and melodic, presenting strings in a context in which they are rarely used.

In February 2020, he performed to a twice sold out Funkhaus in Berlin as part of collaborative project Las Casas Invisibles with the KDV Dance Ensemble, Floating Points and Lotic. Subsequently, Raven paired up with cinematographer Phillip Kaminiak to create Cass & Lex, a film featured on Nowness that looks at "the struggle to establish emotional bonds in cities that are designed to distract."

His releases via PRAH Recordings have seen support at BBC 6Music and Radio 1 from Mary Anne Hobbs, Huw Stephens, Gideon Coe and Phil Taggart, as well as John Kennedy at Radio X.

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What's included

Baritone Violin:

  • Long
  • Long 5ths
  • Long Sul Pont
  • Tremolo 5ths
  • Chorus Plucks
  • Distorted Plucks
  • Short Harmonics
  • Pizzicato
  • Pizzicato Delay
  • Pizzicato Delay 5ths
  • Pizzicato Delay 7ths
  • Pluck Delay
  • Pluck 5ths

5 String Violin:

  • Long 5ths
  • Slides
  • Pluck Delay
  • Pluck PF
  • Tremolo 5ths
  • Contrary Motion
  • Violin Chord Builder
  • Violin Loop


  • Wurli
  • Wurli Tape
  • Wurli Soft
  • Wurli Soft Tape


  • Wonky Delay
  • Soft Wonky Delay
  • Brassy Mod Swells
  • RSF Long
  • RSF Dirt
  • RSF Memory
  • RSF Memory Dirt
  • RSF Short
  • RSF Wonky
  • Dark Falling 5ths
  • Granular Pluck Delay
  • Ghost Trems
  • Synth Chord Builder
  • Synth Loop 1 [tempo-synced]
  • Synth Loop 2 [tempo-synced]


  • Flux FX 1
  • Flux FX 2
  • Flux FX 3
  • FX Sync
  • FX Sync Kit
  • Perc Loop 1 [tempo-synced]
  • Perc Loop 2 [tempo-synced]

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