Epic trailers and AAA games

Our favourite and most popular combinations of instruments suited to games, trailer, epic dance/pop and action scores. Price bought separately would be $1137.00, so this collection saves you a tasty $288.00.

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Everything you need to make epic modern music in ONE box. At its heart is a 109 piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section, dynamically layered loops designed by award winning music makers, an enormous steam synthesiser and many more surprises. With all new sample content for 2015 and cross-grade options for original volume 1 ’legacy’ owners.

HZ01 - London Ensembles

The definitive collection of Hybrid Cinematic Widescreen percussion ensembles, produced by the man who created the idiom; Hans Zimmer. Recorded by Geoff Foster at Air Studios and mixed by 4 Grammy winning composer/ producers.

EDNA01 Earth

A once in a lifetime collection of electronic sounds derived, warped and re-birthed from Spitfire's enormous and highly valued collection of orchestral sample recordings... the first phase in our e.D.N.A. (ELECTRONIC DNA) project, creating the next generation of sound-ware for the next generation of electronic sound-smiths.