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Featuring a hand-picked selection of top-sellers, personal favourites and must-haves, we collate 10 of our renowned Labs libraries into this highly affordable opportunity (the proceeds of which will go towards our 3 charity partners).

For a limited time only, before we relaunch our most versatile range.

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Henson's Frozen Strings

Another one of Christian's experiments that led to some implementation in Mural Volume 3. The Super quiet super sul tasto a haunting highlight. Just 6 players recorded dry on a cold day in January 2015.

Soft Piano

This is one of Christian and Paul’s favourite private patches, having become a workhorse within many of Henson’s film scores. It is especially proud in the haunting “Triangle”. It was produced as a means of reducing Paul & Christians reliance on the immensely popular Malmsjo Grand so has been recorded at one dynamic layer (pianissmo) with the practice mute engaged. But with an additional resonance pass with the sustain pedal on.

Trumpet Fields

Distant vistas, tense beds, drones, and textures created by a pair of trumpets orchestrated by Ben Foskett. You can be sure you've never heard anything like it! Just add lots and lots of reverb!


This staggeringly beautiful set of recordings were purpose sampled for this campaign on our dry stage in London’s Kings Cross. A beautiful and sweet nursery tune or lullaby to horrific Elfman style fantasy and horror. Great when combined with our “Toy Piano”.

Mini Harp

The final contribution for Labs 2014 from CH’s personal collection is his mini harp. Here’s what he had to say about the two VIs you get with this one package. “I love the sound of the harp, but like so many things it has a connotation, it puts you in a certain mood or place. I wanted to capture a more enigmatic account. So I bought a cheap small harp and played it badly myself concentrating only on the quietest level my fat fingers could play it. I love it on it’s own (with lots of reverb) and find it sits amazingly well with the proper Skaila Kanga harp that we built for a tracked sound. But my absolute fave is the trem harp, this for me is evocative of Gustavo Santaolalla or something Nick Cave would stick in one of his western scores.”

Peel Guitar

From Christian's private collection, a very simple but effective workhorse guitar. "I've never managed to better the quality of this little ditty, with 3 dynamic layers, no round robins it has sat on countless scores of mine. I get live players like Leo Abrahams to replace it but directors love the quality of sound so much that I rarely get rid of it altogether! It's a Fender Telecastor through a vintage 15w Fender Tweed amp played with just a hint of vibrato. It's got what I would call that totally English sound to it. With judicious use of tremolo and distortion/ amp plugs I have managed to make this sound - to a fairly convincing level - like Radiohead, Coldplay, Tom Waits, Nick Cave and U2!"

Hammered Dulcimer

Recorded especially for the Christmas give-away by CH at Air-Edel studios for that dry, controllable sound. With two dynamic levels and 5 round robins per hit, plus a pass of tremolando with release triggers and some swipes and effects. These are all available in the same patch and can be keyswitched between A0 (hits), A#0 (trem), and B0 (fx). A quick tip, when switching back from tremolando to hits the release triggers don’t trigger so the tremolando stop dead. CH recommends re hitting the key when you want the trem note to end (with a bit of practice easy to do live, or just a quick pass in your matrix editor with a pencil!).

Ollie Waton Drums

Christian has a new live room and wanted to test it out for drums.

Spitfire welcomes showcasing the talents of the young up-and-coming Ollie Waton ( and also Stanley Gabriel ( who did such an amazing job of recording and mixing. Considering this is a freebie, it’s an amazingly versatile kit, and we think it just sounds brilliant. It has three mic positions, Close, Overheads, and Squash which as far as we wanted to go so it was easy on any system and enables users to play and program a pre-mixed kit. There’s up to 11 round robins, 4 dynamic layers on each drum. Two snares, two rim shots, snare and rimshot flams, and choke releases for the cymbals.

Scary Strings

Another contribution from Christian's private collection, his "scary strings" are very simply made up VIs of small ensemble of string players recorded at Air-Edel studios in London. "I needed to turn a lot of music around really quickly and a lot of it had to be really scary, I wanted something that moved under my fingers so I could hold notes and chords for an age without it looping. These scary strings are the nuts for that. Whilst using them (a lot) over the last couple of years I also realised that playing more lyrical stuff just with the front end gives you a haunting, almost child-like fragility, a very unique and special sound". Christian has prepared three presets the standard Scary, the scary with a bit of "cool" when you move the mod wheel up and a time stretched version for an even more disturbing hyper-real effect.


The Charango is a small Andean stringed instrument of the lute family, 66cm long and made with the shell of the back of the armadillo. Christian says, “This may only be a small file, but this is the big one for me. I sampled this in my studio (excuse the sound of Soho in the background), with my brother some 6 years ago. We struck upon the idea of “let’s make every note sound totally different”. The end result is what inspired me to talk to Paul about making our own sample library. I can’t believe I’m giving this one away, it’s like watching your first-born head off to college. It’s been a great friend to me, but I guess it’s time I move on”. This has been recorded chromatically with 4 dynamic layers and quite a lot of noise in the background!