EFM SD01 Dustbundle

Inspired & Very Very Cool

Spitfire are proud to present an exclusive bundle of delights from our favourite British-based sample developer Sound Dust... Six of their top-selling, most inspiring instruments at an attractive price.

Evolutions - Christian Henson (0:00 / 2:40)

The Nancifaerium - Jez Ashurst (0:00 / 1:27)

Cobwebs & Marmalade - Christian Henson (0:00 / 1:55)


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A clandestine cold-war style meet between composers Christian Henson & Pendle Poucher beneath the Hungerford Bridge resulted in one of the most exciting partnerships Spitfire has forged in its history. Christian's sampling hero Pendle Poucher and his seminal range of products from his company "Sound Dust" will now be added as a concession to the Spitfire Audio Shop. Like Spitfire, Sound Dust is created by a composer for composers, producers and music makers. It delights in the esoteric, the rusty, dusty and a little bit broken.

Spitfire and Sound Dust are delighted to announce a purpose-built bundle that includes all of our favourite Sound Dust products at an unbelievable price. But that's not all - we are delighted to announce that the Dustbundle includes one new and - for a limited time - totally exclusive yet-to-be-released beauty! To celebrate this new union, we are also delighted to announce a launch promo. If you haven't got any Sound Dust products, you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to grab this outstanding bundle at such an amazing price.



Sound Dust is the brainchild of Pendle Poucher, a Brighton UK based composer, sound designer and lover of funny noises.

Pendle has written, produced and performed soundtracks for every major UK TV station and many more all over the world. He worked for 10 years as sound designer and composer for award-winning theatre company DreamThinkSpeak, devising amongst others a 32-channel soundtrack for their radical reworking of Hamlet, "The Rest is Silence", in 2012.

In 2014 he is collaborating on two major works with the Jarman prize-winning artist Lindsay Seers, with multi-channel soundtracks for film installations to be shown in the Hayward Gallery, London and the Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE.

Pendle has also written chart-topping dance music, made a Christmas record with Evelyn Glennie and some household junk, composed music for two award-winning online games for the BBC, and created permanent sound installations for the National Trust at spooky Avebury Manor.

In the good old days, Pendle played guitar in Rough Trade signed art-pop combo Butterfly Child, but these days releases his own music as alter-ego Idmonster, with his latest album " Be more like water" released at the end of 2013 attracting airplay on BBC Radio 3 and 6.



Spitfire is proud to present Sound Dust's exclusive "Dustbundle". A selection of five of their bestselling and most desired instruments and one totally new and for a limited time, totally exclusive, yet-to-be-released beauty! All deep sampled with Pendle's eye on painstaking detail, innovation and desire to inject every essence of his personality into anything he records.

All six instruments are packaged together in a simple and single download via Spitfire's excellent dedicated and secure DL app. Bought separately, these instruments would cost £145, so this really is an amazing way to venture into the world of Sound Dust. Please remember you need a full version of Kontakt to run these...



An amazing sounding, one of a kind "acoustic" piano made by spurting bursts of controlled noise through unsuspecting piano samples.

Plastic Ghost Piano is a warm, richly sampled, analogue sounding hybrid piano with some real character and lots of sonic possibilities. There really is nothing else like her. Sounds range from warm, woody and expressive acoustic piano to blissed out orchestral haze.


GrandThrift autoHarp² is what happens when you mate a tiny autoharp with a full sized grand piano. She's an impossible hybrid instrument with four different string layers that create unique pianoish, plucky, autoharpy sounds.

This strangely beautiful offspring weighs in at a fairly hefty but graceful 380mb and contains 4 separate and individually adjustable layers of multi-velocity samples from every note of both instruments.


This classic and must have VI is the the worlds first multi-sampled rare and beautiful 150 (ish) year old keyboard instrument.

Originally designed and manufactured in Scotland in the 1800′s, the DULCITONE is a portable keyboard that was made for missionaries to hump around remote african village churches to help perk up hymn services. It has a very basic piano action with spring loaded felt covered hammers striking small magnet shaped tuning forks and has a very lovely woody, clonky glockenspiel/celesta kind of sound.


This is the lovely sister to Dulcitone1884², a 16-year younger beauty with a slightly jinglier and more even tone which really compliments the butch woody clunk of the 1884 version.

Think of dULCITONE1900² as Keira Knightly and Dulcitone1884² as Kristin Scott Thomas.....or maybe whatshisface in Twilight compared to George Clooney.


...and here she is, a Spitfire exclusive.

Sound Dust have taken their experiments with the Plastic Ghost Piano and multisampling impulse responses to create instruments from another world, and have applied it to Pendle's rare collection of dulcitones. A creation of haunting beauty.


Re-inventing the Tonewheel.

Hammr+ is one part of the Hammr Suite a classic tonewheel organ sample set developed with Oasis/Sheryl Crow keyboard player Mikey Rowe and recorded by genius Andy Britton at the very lovely Toyroom Studios here in Brighton.

You'd be right in thinking that he last thing the world needs is another Hammond clone, and I would be the first to agree, but the Hammr+ is a little different.

Of course she oozes classic character and has all the capabilities you'd expect of a tonewheel organ, but in true Sound Dust style this thing moves way past the limitations of the original. By taking advantage of sampling technology, bespoke Kontakt architecture and a little bit of imagination Hammr+ can do things that were inconceivable in the original 1959 instrument .

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