Modular Drums: LA

3 American Titans

Spitfire continues its extraordinary set of collaborations and partnerships by teaming up with three of today's leading drummers working out of Los Angeles. Recorded at Henson's (formerly A&M) studio B direct to 2 inch tape. Featuring deep sampled kits, a huge collection of searing loops and presented in a modular format that can be tailored to your tastes and the way you prefer to work.


Instead of imitating the conditions surrounding genre-defining recordings, Spitfire reproduce them. Spitfire see sampling as a legitimate part of modern music-making not as a sideline or 'cheap' option. Incorporating this approach to its entire range of products Spitfire approaches the greatest talent for collaborations.

We're proud to present three of the most successful drummers working out of LA and touring the world today. Recorded to two inch tape at Henson's (formerly A&M) studio B via the finest microphones and preamps.


Spitfire Audio are very good friends with Charlie Clouser (formerly of The Nine Inch Nails, now composer of the "Saw" film franchise) who, after hearing our efforts at creating rock history at Headley Grange, kindly got on the phone to former band mate Josh Freese and said "you have to get on this". Josh is probably one of LA's most recorded session drummers of recent times whilst also touring with the likes of "Devo" and "The Vandals". He has been approached many times to do a sample library but wanted to wait until someone could prove to him that they knew how to do it right. Leading on from the very British rock sound achieved at the Grange with Chad Smith and Roger Taylor Spitfire wanted to capture a classic American rock drums by approaching the legend Matt Sorum formerly of Guns N Roses to work in the same studio complex where he tracked classic tracks for Use Your Illusion 1 & 2. The final piece of the puzzle was completed when Abe Laboreal Jr, from music aristocracy and long standing drummer for Paul McCartney graced us with his enormous kit and extraordinary approach to grooves.

Modular drums will be presented as a new concept that enables you to tailor what you need to your own working methods and styles. Please check back with us soon to find out more.


These epic LA sessions pushed drum sampling to its limits, with literally hours of material to choose from. From deep sampled multiple hits (remember you're not just playing these guys' kits, you're playing these guys playing these guys' kits!) to loops and fills designed to make these masters sit on your track. Modular drums is presented with choices to tailor a library of this size to your needs, tastes and preferred method of working.

As this library is still in post production we kindly request you check back with us soon for the finer details, specifications and fuller feature set or join our mailing list for more news as and when it arrives.