Spitfire Harpsichord

Baroque Beauty

A truly spectacular harpsichord library played by London's leading performer; Steven Devine. Recorded at Air Studios and ingeniously scripted to burst out of the "box".... Once you lay your hands on this you'll never look for another.

Pavanfusi2 (0:00 / 0:44)

Handelallemande (0:00 / 1:28)

Handelsaraband (0:00 / 1:24)

Bachgigue (0:00 / 0:36)

Bachinvention (0:00 / 1:20)


Product Info

  • ~1640 Samples
  • 5.4 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 3.3 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 6.6 GB disk space required during install


Steven is a pre-eminent talent and a first call instrumentalist for the majority of AAA composers who work and record in London. Couple that with Spitfire's ability to produce and curate samples that sparkle with life, whilst being able assemble and script an instrument that just works "out of the box", and Mr Devine's harpsichord module is a must have for any respectable composer.


Since 2007 Steven has been the harpsichordist with London Baroque in addition to his position as Co-Principal keyboard player with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. He is also the principal keyboard player for The Gonzaga Band, Apollo and Pan, The Classical Opera Company and performs regularly with many other groups around Europe. He has recorded over thirty discs with other artists and ensembles and made three solo recordings. His recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations (Chandos Records) has been received critical acclaim - including Gramophone magazine describing it as "among the best". Volume 1 of the complete harpsichord works of Rameau (Resonus) has received a five-star review from BBC Music Magazine and Steven's new recording of Bach's Italian Concerto has been voted Classic FM's Connoisseur's choice.

Steven is a regular member of the OAE education team, Professor of Harpsichord and Fortepiano at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and a visiting teacher, adjudicator and examiner for many other institutions. He is also Director of Development for the Finchcocks Collection of historical keyboard instruments, Kent.

Spitfire’s Definitive Range aims to offer the world a one-stop shop for classic and esoteric instruments played by the greats. As all these instruments are recorded in situ, in the same room, they’re designed to lock together sonically whether it be some timpani from the percussion range coupled with your Sable libraries. Or indeed a more curious band made up of the Hg20, a plucked piano and a harp, it is designed to sound like they’re together in the same room.

We provide a series of detailed mixing options that allow you to dry the sound up or make it more ambient, whilst preserving the acoustic integrity and perspective of a consistent microphone set up and room configuration. The instruments are all sampled in great detail but designed to play easily out-of-the-box, with simple integration into larger arrangements and templates without risk of demanding too much from your system resources.

Recorded by Jake Jackson at Lyndhurst Hall – Air Studios, on one of the finest scoring stages in the world, through an array of vintage microphones via Neve “Montserrat” pre-amps, to a beautifully serviced Studer 2” tape machine and then into digital at 96k via Prism AD converters: this is an unparalleled signal chain.


This is a deeply sampled library with a selection of essential articulations curated by multi award winning composers and musicians. The library features multiple round robins, dynamic layers presented in an easy to use GUI. We have also created a collection of useful atmospheres and pads derived from the organic Harpsichord samples in the Chordospheres collection, presented in our Mercury Synth engine.

The Spitfire Harpsichord is presented to you by virtuoso Steven Devine whose beautiful instrument (the sound board of which is used in our artwork) and fervent enthusiasm and passion, we hope, has been captured here for your enjoyment. David kindly took us through the technicalities of the instrument and has advised us how best to approach it’s subtle complexities. Combined with our engineer Jake Jackson’s masterful handling of this instrument in the world famous Lyndhurst Hall, Air - Studios and a set of easily controllable microphone positions, we believe this to be a totally unique addition to your sonic arsenal. But wait ‘til you hear it!

The library is presented with four microphone positions which you can not only mix and blend to fit the application you’re working on, but also automate for dramatic shifts in focus and depth. They're also fully output assignable for surround and 5.1 use. The definitive range is designed to fit in with Spitfire's entire orchestral canon, including Albion, BML and some of the Signature Range as if they're performing in the same room at the same time.


The Overview Panel

This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.

General Controls Panel

This view allows further in-depth control of the instrument, showing all available signals and feature controllers, as well as the ability to purge techniques from memory to reduce system usage.

The Ostinatum

In this view you can add notes to a pattern sequencer, select which key it triggers on and then play for instant ostinato creation. It’s like an arpeggiator on a synthesiser.

Product Reviews

Presets / Techniques / Articulations / Mics / Mixes


  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Hi 4' Lo 8'
  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Hi 8' & 4' Lo 8'
  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Hi 8' Lo 8'
  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Hi 8'
  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Hi Buf 8'
  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Lo 8'
  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Lo Buf 8'

Other patches:

  • Spitfire Harpsichord - The Punch Cog
  • Spitfire Harpsichord - Time Machine (Release)


  • 5TBU MW
  • 6bit return
  • A British Horror Story MW
  • A mystery remains
  • Celestial Tinnitus
  • Dazed nightmares MW
  • Deep underwater MW
  • Does not compute
  • End transmission MW
  • Ghosts shreak MW
  • Golden Days
  • Itch the Ticks
  • Mind Eraser
  • State of emergency
  • Suspense is suspended
  • Template - Synth
  • They come for us
  • Touched MW
  • Undo the past

Mics & Mixes


  • Close
  • Tree
  • Ambient
  • Outrigger

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