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Not many people know that alongside his two score and more film scores Christian also dabbled in a bit of telly. Alongside killing Poirot off in 2014 CH’s career stems back to the early naughties with skeletons in his closet that include quite a lot of porn and his first “proper gig” the cult series “Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps”. Another clacking skeleton in his portfolio is the titles music for “Top Gear”. “Something I did and forgot about, I didn’t write the theme, just did a new version so sometimes I’d switch on the telly and go ‘oh, so they’re still using it’. I had no idea how massive Top Gear had become until the problems they ran into recently publicised that there’s several hundred million viewers worldwide!!”. Christian has kindly donated the iconic sample instrument he used - featuring his favourite pedal the ZVEX Seek Wah - to the labs cause.

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