Scary Strings

Part of the Spitfire Labs Range

Another contribution from Christian's private collection, his "scary strings" are very simply made up VIs of small ensemble of string players recorded at Air-Edel studios in London. "I needed to turn a lot of music around really quickly and a lot of it had to be really scary, I wanted something that moved under my fingers so I could hold notes and chords for an age without it looping. These scary strings are the nuts for that. Whilst using them (a lot) over the last couple of years I also realised that playing more lyrical stuff just with the front end gives you a haunting, almost child-like fragility, a very unique and special sound". Christian has prepared three presets the standard Scary, the scary with a bit of "cool" when you move the mod wheel up and a time stretched version for an even more disturbing hyper-real effect.

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