Joey Santiago

Monstrous Guitar Distortion

In keeping with Spitfire’s Signature range we’re proud to present a true trailblazer, a guitar innovator and prolific composer in his own right. Creating a library of beautifully distorted filth for us all to gorge on. You are not just playing Joey’s guitars and his pedals, via his amps. You are actually playing Joey, playing his guitars and pedals via his amps.

Asylum - O. Weder (naked) (0:00 / 3:01)

Orange Glow - Homay Schmitz (contextual) (0:00 / 1:00)

Madrugada - O. Weder (contextual) (0:00 / 1:26)


Product Info

  • ~9317 Samples
  • 14.0 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 9.0 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 18.0 GB disk space required during install


Recorded in LA, re-amped in London and mutated in Edinburgh this library is a well travelled treasure chest of the coolest sounds you’re likely to find in a sample library. Why? Well instead of trying to be cool (an inherently uncool action) why not simply engage the skills of someone who exudes it?

Joey Santiago contains a variety of multi sampled instruments recorded and performed by the man himself through his favoured guitars, his fabled board and his much toured amp rig. We then re-amped the whole thing back in London’s super cool Pool Studios. In addition to the multi sampled virtual instruments we also captured hours of Joey shredding, gating, twisting and distorting into the raw materials for new sonic adventures. Finally, this raw material was taken to Christian Henson’s new ‘warp room’ on the edge of an extinct volcano in Scotland for further sound bending.

Pick the amps you wish to use, and use our popular “Mercury Synth” and eDNA engine to take our work and make it your own. Once done, happily tell people you have Joey Santiago from the Pixies on your track.

We hope this library appeals to a variety of users, rock, pop, EDM-ers, but also TV, Film and Games composers wanting to utilise the “real deal” on their work.


Following on from working with rock god drummers Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Matt Sorum (Guns n Roses) and Roger Taylor (Queen) it was only time to move on to guitars. So it only seemed fitting to go to one of the most inventive and influential guitarists of a generation, and a composer in his own right who knows what goes into creating virtual magic - The Pixies’ Joey Santiago. Santiago has described his guitar technique as "angular and bent", MTV's Laurel Bowman commented that Santiago's "sonic plough was the key element in the Pixies' monstrous presence"

Spitfire decamped to a vibey little space in East LA, rigged up 6 amps, Joey’s extraordinary pedal board via the finest valve and ribbon mics, into a rare vintage Neve console. The brief was not necessarily define a ‘virtual’ guitar (although there are multi sampled instruments herein), but to create an environment where Joey’s rich arsenal of sounds could flow forth. To follow in the excellent footsteps of Leo Abraham’s Enigma 1 & 2 in making a library that exudes cool, and which takes risks not many other sample libraries would dare to.


• 6 different signals to choose from; 4 amplified signals including Joey's own Marshall JCM800, Fender Vibrolux, and a Selmar and 2 different room perspectives.
• ‘Individual Plucks’ - All sounds played by Joey himself, through a selection of hand picked pedals. 18 different presets that give you they real Santiago guitar sounds.
• ‘Santiago Sounds’ - 35 different sounds created by the man himself through his vast collection of pedals all in the Mercury engine to add additional FX options.
• ‘Gigantic Mutations’ - 49 loops crafted from various sections of Joeys playing, housed and warped within Spitfire’s eDNA engine.
• ‘Radiant Pads’ - 150 sounds curated into 125 different presets, with a metallic edge. All in Spitfire’s eDNA engine.


The Overview Panel

This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.

General Controls Panel

This view allows further in-depth control of the instrument, showing all available signals and feature controllers, as well as the ability to purge techniques from memory to reduce system usage.

The Ostinatum

In this view you can add notes to a pattern sequencer, select which key it triggers on and then play for instant ostinato creation. It’s like an arpeggiator on a synthesiser.

eDNA Engine

This interface houses our own sample-synthesiser engine. You can use it to combine two sounds and modulate between them with envelopes, filters and wobbles per sound, as well as a gate sequencer and a selection of go-to FX.

Mercury Synth

The mercury synth is the front end for all of our steam punked, sound designed and warped section of any library. It is an ingenious user interface that allows you to have instant fun without having to roll up your sleeves and go under the Kontakt hood. All of the controls are assignable to your control surface giving you the immediate ability to make our sounds your own.

Presets / Techniques / Articulations / Mics / Mixes

Joey Santiago Plucks

Individual Plucks:

  • 2 Note Bends
  • Accidentals
  • Alt Bridge
  • Back Bridge
  • Bright and Tight
  • Clean Mutes
  • Clean Santiago
  • Harmonics 1
  • Harmonics 2
  • Harmonics 3
  • Mellow Fizz
  • Muted Plucks
  • Phased Furr
  • Snap Fizz
  • Soft Bridge
  • Soft Fuzz
  • Western Trems
  • Where Is That Pluck

Santiago Sounds:

  • Bass Pulse
  • Bouncing Bass
  • Crunchback
  • Delay Sync
  • Descending Sine
  • Detuned Murmurs
  • Disorganised Trems
  • Ebbs and Flows
  • Feedback to Stutter
  • Flick Squeaks
  • Guitar Noodles
  • March Down to Sub
  • Mental Spin Down
  • Noise Machines 1
  • Noise Machines 2
  • Noise Overtones
  • Nonstop
  • Pick Trem
  • Plug In Bath
  • Pure Filth
  • Screaming Loop
  • Space Decay
  • Squeaking Clouds
  • Subtastic
  • Sync Out Of Sync - Chords
  • Sync Out Of Sync - Hits
  • Sync Out Of Sync
  • Timed Shunts
  • Tremulations
  • Underwater Chugs
  • Various FX 1
  • Various FX 2
  • Wahts That
  • Wall of Noise
  • Whistling Feedback

Gigantic Mutations:

  • Alien Cello Band - MW is tight gate
  • Alien Cello Band 2 - MW is white gates
  • Alien Morse - MW smoothers
  • Atmospheric Alien Bridge - MW filter
  • Atmospheric Alien Bridge 2 - MW filter
  • Atmospheric Alien Bridge 3 - MW filter
  • Bang and Drone - MW is white gates
  • Bass Synth Loop MW is all kinds a s--t
  • Broad Bandwidth - MW tightens gate
  • Broken Cyborg Whale - MW is cool
  • Broken Cyborg Whale 2 - MW is cool
  • Cyborg Cicada - MW is cool
  • Cyborg Mating Call - MW is tight gate
  • Cyborg Queen Mating Call - MW is tight gate
  • Cyborg Whales - MW verbs and filter
  • Descending Complaint - MW is duet
  • Descending Cross Rhythm Waltz - MW cool gate
  • Descending Cross Waltz - MW cool gate
  • Descending Cross Waltz 2 - MW cool gate
  • Descending Cross Waltz 3 - MW cool gate
  • Descending Cross Waltz 4 - MW cool gate
  • Descending Cross Waltz 5 - MW cool gate
  • Driving Force - MW is much filth
  • Driving Force - MW tightens gate
  • Driving Force 2 - MW is much filth
  • Dulaing White Noise Gens - MW is cool
  • Fat Bandwidth - MW is stereo perspective
  • Gigers Alien Panic - MW filter
  • Gigers Alien Panic 2 - MW filter
  • Harmonic Series Tremified - MW does stuff
  • In The Matrix Engine Room - MW filter
  • Industrial Piece - MW is subtle intensity
  • Joey Cafe Orchestra - MW is much coolness
  • Largest Laptop Glitch - MW filter
  • Largest Laptop Glitch 2 - MW filter
  • Middle C Is Best - MW is white gates
  • Pink Panic MW is LPF and Glitch Gate
  • Pink Panic MW is LPF
  • Punchy One - MW is much filth
  • Punchy One 2 - MW is much filth
  • Pushy Number - MW is shaker
  • Rusty Millers Wheel - MW HPF
  • Rusty Ticker Tape Machine - MW Gate
  • Space Station Auto Destruct Warning - MW
  • Tape Looper - MW is lots of stuff
  • Tremmed Harmonic Series - MW is perspective
  • Tremmed Harmonic Series 2 - MW is perspective
  • Tremmed Harmonic Series 3 - MW is perspective
  • White Noise Glitcher MW is Saturation n Dry
  • Programmer Patches:
  • Programming Patch - Joey Loops

Radiant Pads:

    Programmer Patches:
  • Programming Patch - Radiant Pads
  • Absolute Pad
  • Almost Unmanageable - MW filters
  • Amazing As Octave Drone - MW filter
  • Amazing As Octave Drone 2 - MW filter
  • Amazing Low Octaves Held - MW filters
  • Amongst The Clouds Atmos
  • Angelic Pad
  • Anomalous Pad
  • Anxiety Pad
  • Apprehension Atmos
  • Atmos
  • Awesome Muted Harmonic Series - MW filters
  • Azure Pad
  • Bi-Tonal Post Apoc - MW light n deep
  • Blackhole Atmos
  • Broken Feedback Pad
  • Broken Machine Atmos
  • Calamity Atmos
  • Celestial Pad
  • Close Organ Distant Pad - MW gate
  • Composure Pad
  • Concluding Pad
  • Concussion Pad
  • Consciousness Atmos
  • Contempt Pad
  • Death at Joshua Tree 1 - MW eq
  • Death at Joshua Tree 2 - MW eq
  • Delicate Pad
  • Digital Waves Atmos
  • Dissonant Pad
  • Dissonant Pluck Pad
  • Dist Harmonium - MW filters
  • Dist Harmonium Plus Underbelly - MW filters
  • Distant Drone - MW ground loop
  • Distant Organ - MW opens a bright stop
  • Distant Whistle Pad
  • Distorted Gorecki - MW filters
  • Drone Atmos - MW filters
  • Drone Atmos and Organ - MW filters
  • Electric Growth Pad
  • Emaciated Pad
  • Enormo Pad - MW gate eq n pan
  • Enormo Pad 2 - MW gate n eq
  • Envisage Pad
  • Escalation Atmos
  • Exponential Pad
  • Finality Pad
  • Fleeting Pad
  • Floating Pad
  • Flutter Atmos
  • Focusing Pad
  • Gently Undulating - MW filters
  • Good When Played Deep - MW filter
  • Granulated Pad
  • Great With Clusters - MW filter
  • Harmonic Series Harmonium - MW filters
  • Harmonium Pad
  • Haunted Pad
  • Hollow Atmos
  • Imbued Pad
  • Impending Pad
  • Impressive Drones - MW filters
  • Impressive Drones 2 - MW filters
  • Impressive Drones 2 Bassier - MW filters
  • Impressive Drones 3 - MW filters
  • Inspirit Atmos
  • Internalised - MW eq
  • Light and Beguiling - MW rusty ticker tape
  • Losing Altitude Atmos
  • Lost In Space Atmos
  • Massive Sea Of Refrigerators - MW stutter
  • Meager Atmos
  • Metallic Atmos
  • Metallic Meditation - MW eq
  • Metallic Meditation 2 - MW eq
  • Metallic w Deep Undertones - MW filter n stutter
  • Mettalic Stillness - MW filter n gate
  • Morphed Pluck Pad
  • Muffled Hope Atmos
  • Muted Chorale Pad
  • Muted Harmonium Pad
  • Muted Organ Pad
  • Not Quite Right Epic - MW filters
  • Not Quite Right Up Close - MW filters
  • Not Quite Right Up Close 2 - MW filters
  • Only Ywo Notes Needed - MW filter n gate
  • Organ Atmos - MW is modulation speed
  • Organ Distant Pad - MW filters
  • Otherworldy Pad
  • Outpost - MW interferance
  • Outpost 2 - MW interferance
  • Pad
  • Pluck Pad
  • Quiver Pad
  • Ready For Launch Atmos
  • Really Lovely Pad - MW does good stuff go slo
  • Resonating Pad
  • Reverse Feedback Pad
  • Ring Pad
  • Serenity Pad
  • Shiver Pad
  • Soaring Pad
  • Sombre Pad
  • Something Distant - MW lihgt n deep
  • Something Magic - MW filter n gate
  • Soundscape With Male Voice - MW gate
  • Space Odyssey
  • Staggered Growth Pad
  • Stagnant Atmos
  • Stillness Pad
  • Super Slow Mettalic - MW light n deep
  • The Depths Of Space Atmos
  • THX1138 Cluster Pad - MW interferance
  • Tinnitus Pad
  • To Earth Atmos
  • Transcendental Pad
  • Truly Special - MW brings on rusty ticker tape
  • Twinkle Pad
  • Uncertain Atmos - MW filters
  • Uncertainty Pad
  • Underwater Atmos
  • Very Distant - MW filter
  • Voices Atmos
  • Washed Away Pad
  • Whale Song Atmos

Mics & Mixes

Amps & Mics

  • A1 - Marshall JCM800 - Cleaner (Royer R121)
  • A2 - Fender Vibrolux (Beyerdynamic M201)
  • A3 - Marshall JCM800 - Dirty (Royer R121)
  • A4 - Selmar (Shure SM57)
  • R1 - Room Small (Royer R122)
  • R2 - Room Large (Earthworks)

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