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Ricotti Mallets FAQ

The new, all-in-one Ricotti Mallets is a rationalisation of the existing mallets instrument range, rolled into a single product with the welcome addition of a brand new Xylophone instrument.

Every sample, articulation, and mic position from the original products will be in this bumper crop.

For those of you who already own one or more of the original Ricotti mallets, we want to thank you for your support. You’ll be pleased to know that the FULL price RRP of the instrument(s) you already own, will be deducted from the full price of Ricotti Mallets. To find out how much this will be, either whack Ricotti Mallets into your cart to see how much it is at checkout, or consult the table below.

For those of you who bought products from the Ricotti range during promo periods, we will still credit you with the full price. So kudos to you early adopters - you get the full Ricotti Mallets at an even better bargain.

For those of you who have all three of Ricotti’s existing instruments, we’ll give you a full version of Ricotti Mallets for free. Ostensibly getting the Xylophone totally gratis.

We’ll be contacting you directly with download details. For those of you with one or two of the existing Ricotti instruments, simply add Ricotti Mallets to your cart as previously described. We’ll do the rest.

Enjoy malleting!

Paul, Christian & The Spitfire Team.