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UPDATE 1.0.5

Rolling out on 21/07/17

Change list:

  • Added < > Previous and Next buttons for Patches and Presets in the main UI.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using TIME/PITCH in convolvers.
  • Improved voice stealing to avoid convolvers stealing from sources wherever possible.
  • Allowed the GUI to be resizable and a default GUI size preference to be specified in settings.
  • Improved About page loading behaviour.
  • Fixed a potential crash on initialisation (which caused problems for VEP and Komplete Kontrol).
  • Fixed “monophonic” voice behaviour for the loops.
  • Fixed the pitch bend mapping presets for 2 and 12 semitones.
  • Fixed a burst of notes being generated by the on-screen keyboard if the on-screen keyboard is played while the plugin is disabled (or disconnected in VEP) and subsequently re-enabled.
  • Fixed the issue where “Phobos Organ” would always be recalled in VST hosts.