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Swarms Collection FAQ

Back by popular demand, our Swarms Collection is being relaunched!

What is a swarm?

A “swarm” is an unusually large collection of instrumentalists, playing together in the Hall at Air Studios, London.

Whilst our multi round robin single hits and plucks take on an epic nature, the extraordinary common theme that runs through all of our swarms is tremolandi. By getting sections of this size to play slow and quick repeating notes, through a series of dynamic layers you suddenly get choirs of marimbas, a haze of guitars, a rain storm of harps… Also, with total control over not only the dynamic but also the speed, these libraries can produce anything from a gentle patter of notes to a kinetic haze.

What's in this collection?

The collection contains all three of our Swarms libraries: Marimba Swarm (featuring 9 marimbas), Harp Swarm (featuring 9 harps) and Mandolin Swarm (featuring 19 players playing a combination of charangos, mandolins & ukuleles).

I already own one or more swarms. What's in it for me?

This Collection benefits from our standard “Complete My Collection” feature whereby you’ll only be charged for the proportional cost of any items in the Collection you don’t already own. This makes it a fabulous opportunity to complete your arsenal of Swarms. Just add the Collection to your cart and log in to your account to see what the cost will be for you.

Do these libraries sound good with Spitfire's orchestral libraries?

All three of these libraries were recorded in the same space as our whole Albion and Symphonic Ranges: The Hall at Air Studios, London. So they will blend perfectly with any of these libraries, adding character, depth and originality to your sound.