What is Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds?

It’s a rationalisation of all our existing symphonic woodwind libraries plus MASSES of new content, creating a simpler and more fully featured all-in-one Symphonic Woodwinds package. 

It includes piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, bassoon and contrabassoon, played by some of the world’s best musicians, recorded in The Hall at Air Studios, London.

What’s in it?

This new library combines all of our “British Modular Library” range woodwind libraries: BML Flute Consort, BML Additional Flutes, BML Reeds, BML Low Winds and BML Low Reeds.

Is that it?

No! In addition to all the existing content, we’ve added in a large number of additional articulations across most of the instruments (totalling an additional 30% more content). See the product page for the full list. It’s also an NKS Ready Kontakt Player library with a new, more intuitive GUI (with inline help).

What’s not in it?

The initial release contains only the close, tree and ambient mics. All the other microphone sets are available in the expansion pack.

What if I already own some of those libraries?

We have cross grade pricing for any combination of the existing libraries you already own. Simply put the new library into your basket, and once you’re logged in, the cart will calculate the price you should pay based on what you already own.

What if I already own all of thE BML libraries?

You should have received a copy of Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds for free if you already have the old version. You should have receive the expansion pack for free when it was released.

Do I have to download and reinstall the components I already have?

Yes. This is a completely new encoded library, so you can’t use any of your existing sample content.