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40% Off Spitfire Pianos

Offer ends Sunday 31st March at 23:59 (BST)

Piano Day is an annual worldwide event celebrating the world’s favourite instrument. It takes place on the 88th day of the year reflecting the number of keys on the instrument – this year, the 29th March. The piano has been at the forefront of music making for centuries, and to help celebrate and continue its legacy, we are offering you 40% off three of our piano libraries, until Sunday:

The piano allows anyone to be a soloist, a trio, an ensemble, or indeed an orchestra.

Free Piano Downloads

Spitfire Audio’s LABS programme is an infinite series of software instruments, free and easy to use, made by musicians in London for anyone, anywhere. We release one every month, as well as our bimonthly creative compendium, The Notebook. And in case you missed it, they are all FREE.

Christian's new Pianobook

Christian celebrates Piano Day with pianobook, his new collective sample project that aims to bring together a community of likeminded music makers to talk about their stories through the pianos that inspire them, and to create something extraordinary. Click here to download 16 new and free piano sample libraries made by and for members of our community.

Watch Christian talk through how he mics up pianos for sampling in his latest vlog:

What are we listening to on Piano Day?