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Save 60% on Justin Hurwitz Selects

We have teamed up with Oscar, BAFTA and Grammy-winning composer, Justin Hurwitz (La La Land, First Man), to create two inspiring collections of his favourite libraries. 

The Professional Selects gives you the tools to create blockbuster symphonic compositions for TV, film and games and all at 60% off until 31st May 2020 during our Spring Sale. It contains all three major families of the Symphony Orchestra — Woodwinds, Brass & Strings — as well as a detailed, beautiful Harp library performed by London’s leading harpist, Skaila Kanga, who has performed on countless blockbuster film scores. All libraries were recorded in the world-famous Hall at AIR Studios. 

The Essentials Selects is a stripped back edition, making the price more accessible and it contains Spitfire Harp alongside our definitive string orchestra - Symphonic Strings, designed to blend effortlessly together.

“I use the Spitfire Symphonic Series libraries for my orchestral mockups because the Air Lyndhurst room sounds big and beautiful and reminds me of the Sony (aka Streisand aka MGM) stage in LA where I like to record. The samples are a little rough around the edges which I mean as the highest compliment. Sample libraries sometimes sound too glossy for my taste, but these Spitfire Symphonic libraries sound to me like real players playing their instruments in a room. I always compose on piano, and then create the orchestral mockup by playing the parts into Logic, trying to get as close as I can to what I think the voicings and textures will be on the page.”

Justin Hurwitz on the Spitfire Symphonic range included in his exclusive selects.

Composer Magazine Interview With Justin Hurwitz

Composer Magazine joins multi-award-winning composer Justin Hurwitz at his home studio to delve into the process behind creating an Academy Award-winning score. From writing the main themes to his close collaboration with director Damien Chazelle; from working with jazz and orchestral musicians to the dub stage, and final delivery, Justin takes us through the challenge of making his screen song performances and the score feel like one voice — an obstacle faced on both Whiplash and La La Land.