Journal #37

Ones to watch special

For this month’s Journal, we wanted to celebrate our Ones To Watch series. Over the past couple of years, we have had the pleasure of spending time with some incredible composers and performers who are at the top of their game. What’s even better is the fact we’ve been able to share this with you all and give you an insight into who we’ve got our eyes on. So if you’re looking for new music to check out or simply want to watch some beautiful performances & listen to some inspiring interviews then you’ve come to the right place. 

Peter Sandberg

Peter Sandberg is a Neo-Classical/Electronic multi-instrumental Artist and Composer, living and working in Sweden.

Inspired by the disparity between the idyllic Swedish landscape and dizzying, complex narratives and emotions of modern life; Peter’s music is deeply intimate, as warm as it can be cold, but always soothing and cleansing. His honesty speaks through his muted tones, but also through his uplifting melodies and driving rhythms. 

His earlier catalogue amassed over 150 million digital streams, building him a loyal fanbase.After a period of reflection and writing, Peter signed to London-based ambient and post classical label Phases Records in 2018, releasing new music ahead of his eponymously named studio album coming 2019.

Ones not to miss

claire m singer

Performing a live session of their track 'Clouds' from the Tv Series the Last Post.

Solomon grey

Meet solomon grey

Joe Wilson and Tom Kingston, both from London, are longtime friends who have been creating music together for many years. For the last five of those, they have been releasing music under the name Solomon Grey. The classically trained duo are known for their cinematic and emotive soundscapes, and have not only scored for film and TV but are also a band in their own right. 

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Using electronics, looper and FX pedals, she has cultivated a unique, fresh sound, forging a new artistic identity for the instrument.

lara Somogyi

Andrea’s music is an exploration of deep and mysterious nocturnal spaces


Over the years Belfi has built a sound-world that artfully combines a modest drum set-up with an equally concise electronics component. He has searched long to produce and refine the acoustic timbres of his music, but has now reached a certain point of fulfilment, courtesy of his Saari drum-kit from Finland. Melded seamlessly with the acoustic elements is a Nord modular and sampler. On Ore, Belfi attains a masterful synthesis of these two sonic realms.

‘Standing On The Roof Of The World’ featuring the Coriolis Quintet.

Hannah Peel

Get to know hannah

Daniel Wohl and the London Contemporary Orchestra

Daniel Wohl

"Most of our music is written in Deal, Kent, where Anna has a studio. Being right next to the ocean with views of the horizon gives us the space to write away from the chaos of London."


Patrick is an Emmy-nominated film composer known for combining orchestral and electronic music, and creating bespoke sound palettes.

Patrick Jonsson

Based in London, UK, Patrick is originally from Sweden and Poland, and grew up in various parts of the world, spending most of his childhood living in Malaysia. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, and was selected to attend the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2009. Patrick has always been fascinated by the creation and transformation of unique sounds, going back to his love of guitar and a childhood spent experimenting with pedals.

Spanning film score, bespoke composition and sound design, her work is connected both by its evocative and meticulous craft.

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch is an award-winning French pianist/composer living in London. In 2006 Emilie moved from Bordeaux to carry out a BA in music at Westminster University, then a Master’s degree in composition at Goldsmiths with a primary focus on contemporary classical music. Spanning film score, bespoke composition and sound design, her work is connected both by its evocative and meticulous craft.

Head over to Emilie’s website to see more here.

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Street Orchestra of London is a 40-piece ensemble taking live performances to communities who are rarely exposed orchestral music

Street Orchestra of London