The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---

A very happy Christmas to you all from the Spitfire team. Thanks also for your support, encouragement and great suggestions with our monthly Journals. This year we’ve been all over the place talking to hugely talented kindred spirits and learning from them, and also trying to render our years of experience at the coalface into a series of educational items to help you avoid the pitfalls we’ve already fallen down. I guess if we were to take away the zeitgeist of the year, the most proffered piece of advice from our fraternity would be to embrace what we do, but not to kill ourselves and others whilst doing it. We’re not surgeons, no one is going to die, we’ll get there in the end. One of the greatest gifts of following our enthusiasm for music into a career is that we do something we love to earn a crust. Why then stop loving it? Someone said, “you never arrive because there’s nowhere to park”, so it's fundamental to honour the dreams and desires of our younger selves and enjoy this never ending journey. We buy vintage kit because it sounds good, yes. We insert another module to our system 500 rack because it really needs it, for sure. But really we do it because it’s fun and makes our lives more interesting and colourful. If we apply that to every aspect of our work we’ll be better off for it.

This is the season to be close to the ones that you love. So it only seems appropriate that we spend some time with composers who are close to all of Spitfire's hearts, Anne Dudley, Eric Whiteacre, Rob Lane and Anne Nikitin.

Look after yourselves and we look forward to sharing more experiences with our friends and comrades in the new year.