The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---

To coincide with our recent release of Albion V Tundra, a huge orchestra recorded at the edge of silence with a distinctly Baltic feel, we decided to dwell this month in mossy forests, Arctic tundra and permafrost. We're proud to premier a recording of Arvo Pärt's Fratres with Kirsty Mangan accompanied by nothing else but Albion V. We visit two friends in Iceland, and raid Christian's SSD cards from his camera to take a look behind the scenes at the development, recording, and presentation of Albion V. If you want things a little warmer, we sweep down to 1914 in Cairo to act as flies on the wall of one of Christian's major recording sessions of the year, finishing with our second part of our attempt at teaching us all "how to score a film".