The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---

The gap year is over, your backpack has been incinerated by your parents and the seemingly endless black tunnel of studying towards a career in music has now revealed a definite shimmering light at the end of it. Whether it be your first year on a music course, your third or final, the Spitfire team and their friends share with you gold nuggets of tips, tricks, advice and tales from the frontline in a journal dedicated to those wanting to break into 'music for picture'. We've got the first instalment in organising your workflow, 10 rules you'd be sorry not obey, an intimate lunch with veterans of applied music, Spitfire's favourite study aids, scores and soundtracks, alongside a rare look into how Spitfire founders quickly whip up virtual instruments of their very own. We hope to give an insight into the industry as it currently stands from beyond the comfort of your educational establishment with some candid accounts of mistakes we've made so that you don't have to!