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January 2016 - The American Issue

As Spitfire decamp to Anaheim for this year's NAMM we thought it only fair to prepare a Journal centred around the talents of our American cousins, specifically behind the scenes of a bumper harvest of sampling sessions the Spitfire performed in two heady weeks in August last year. 

We visit our very good friend composer, Charlie Clouser at his studio. Christian also documents his take on how best to record a sample library with a bunch of very talented strangers far away from one's home town in his LA Travelogue. We get to the bottom of what an actual drum tech does and what a surprisingly broad and artistic function this can be, especially stateside. We talk to three legendary drummers at Henson studios, LA and finally back in London take a real close look at how a drum kit actually works.

You can also read about what we announced, released and did at NAMM!