Educational Discount

how much will the back to school education discount be?

The education discount during Back to School promotion will be 40% (normally 30%). Enter our Back to School Quiz for the chance to get up to an extra 5% off.

How long is the back to school promotion running for?

We will run this promotion from Monday 10th September 2018 until Wednesday 24th October 2018. All discount codes applied for will expire at 11:59 (BST) on the 24th October 2018, so be sure to make the purchase as well as apply for the code within the promo period.

Where do I go to get my discount?

Head over to our educational discount application form here. You’ll need to be logged in (so you might need to create an account first if you don’t already have one). There’s also a link to this form on your account page.


If you are a student or teacher/professor at any accredited institution worldwide, you are eligible for a 30% discount on any Spitfire sample library. You can purchase as many products as you like with this discount whilst you are in education, and you can even use your discounted libraries for commercial purposes.

what documentation do I need?

Good supporting documentation includes student ID cards and acceptance letters for students, and redacted contracts of employment or staff ID cards for teachers. If in doubt, please provide us with a couple of documents to look over. Please also ensure that any photos/scans are clear and readable. If your documentation is not in English, please consider including a translation. Please note: From January 1st 2018 we will require supporting documentation to be dated within 30 days of the application, or in the case of ID cards, have an expiry date in the future.

How do I enter the Back to School Quiz? How does the extra discount work, and how can I redeem my additional discount for correct questions answered? 

You can enter the Back to School Quiz by visiting this page and when you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll be told what your extra discount will be (up to an additional 5%). Be careful, you can only enter once! The additional discount will be applied to any codes you apply for.


The application form allows you to choose up to five products to receive discount codes for. Simply type the name of the product into each search bar and select it from the list that appears (see below).

Ensure that you have selected your product from the list, as our system will not recognise it otherwise! Once you’ve selected your products and uploaded your supporting documentation, hit ‘Make Request’. If you wish to purchase more than five products, you can repeat this process as necessary. A member of our team will then process your request ASAP, and you’ll receive your discount codes to your account email.


The educational discount applies to the RRP of a product, so you can’t get an educational discount on collections, collection exclusive products, or products that are already discounted by an amount greater than 30%.


You can only use one discount code per transaction, so you will need to purchase your products one at a time and apply the relevant discount code. When you view your basket, there will be the option to add a discount code under the Total Cost header (see below). Once you hit ‘Apply’, your new total cost will be calculated. Please check that the discount code has been applied before proceeding to checkout!

HOW long will my code/s last?

Your discount code will usually expire after 1 year. However, during promotional periods with a specific end date, you will need to make your purchase before that date.

Can i give my code/s to somebody else?

Your code will only work on purchases made with the same Spitfire account you used when you applied for the discount, so you won’t be able to share it, sorry!

Why is the Back to School Education Discount 40% off for all individual Products, but 50% off for Albion ONE? 

Albion ONE is the best place to start with our libraries, so we’ve applied an extra 10% off during the Back to School promotion.

A product I would like to buy is already on promotion. Can I use the Back To School to increase the overall discount?

No, the Back To School discount can only be applied on its own, not alongside other discounts. 

Why can’t I have a discount on your collections?

Our collections already have a discount of up to 35% compared against the price of the products they contain, so we don’t allow any further discount on these products.


Customers must be logged in to take the quiz. The quiz can only be taken once per customer. Every question answered correctly, customers will receive an additional 0.5% off, on top of the 40% educational discount. Only customers who are eligible to receive an educational discount are able to take advantage of the extra discount. The discount cannot be exchanged or transferred by you and cannot be redeemed by you for cash. Once a customer has taken the quiz, they must apply to receive their educational discount (including the automatically updated additional discount from the quiz), through our educational discount page here. The quiz must be completed by the account owner. The answers to the quiz are to the best of our knowledge correct and are final, no correspondence will be entered into regarding the content of the quiz itself. Educational discount codes that have been redeemed prior to entering the quiz are not refundable. Educational discounts that have not been redeemed can be replaced after completing the quiz by applying again. Anyone found to have used google to answer the quiz questions or can be proved to have asked someone else to help will be tutted at.