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We have sampled a cathedral-sized organ in an intimate chapel, giving you an intensity and immediacy of sound which blends with our symphony orchestra range and is perfect for adding ultimate depth, power and beauty to your film scores. The curated stop combinations make this ideal for anyone unfamiliar with the instrument, as well as professional organists, enabling you to get the very best out of this beautifully voiced instrument. Like all of our other libraries it has been expertly sampled, with multiple microphone positions, from right inside the pipes to the furthest corners of the room, from beautiful, soft tones to thunderous, ground-shaking cinematic power.

What is the difference between Union Chapel Organ and Symphonic Organ?

Symphonic Organ is a much more powerful sounding organ, recorded in an intimate location for a more immediate sound. Union Chapel Organ was recorded in the more reverberant Union Chapel — still hugely powerful, but with a more ambient sound. Symphonic Organ is entirely made up of stop combinations for instant playability, while Union Chapel Organ gives you mostly individual stops, with a small number of stop curations. Union Chapel Organ gives you Close, Stereo, Ambient and Outrigger mic positions, while Symphonic Organ offers you six different microphone positions, from microphones right inside the organ to ambient mics placed at the furthest corners of the space. 

What are the system requirements for this product?

Kontakt Player 5.6.8 or higher
Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Intel Core i5 or better, 8GB RAM
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit) Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 8GB RAM

Does this product contain content from other existing products?


Are there any crossgrades available for this product?


How long is the promo period?

The introductory offer for Symphonic Organ will be available until September 12th 2019.

Is this product available with an educational discount?

Yes, this library will be available with an educational discount. Request your educational discount here. The Educational Discount will apply to the full RRP of the library, not the introductory offer, so any codes received during the promotional period will only “top up” the discount to 30%.

Once I have downloaded Symphonic Organ, how do I install it?

What is the eDNA Engine and how does it work?

The eDNA engine is the Spitfire synth engine, which allows the user to fuse two sets of sounds, modulate these sounds separately from one another, and apply a wide variety of FX. We have a multi part video on the EDNA interface here.

Can I use this library on more than one computer?

Yes our license allows for up to two installations at a time for a single user.

Which other Spitfire products does this product work well with?

Symphonic Organ is designed to work perfectly with our Symphonic range. We give you various microphone positions, much like our libraries recorded in The Hall at AIR Studios.