Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Dust Vol.1

Is this a Spitfire Product?

These instruments are created by Sound Dust a creative and inspiring sample library company from Brighton, England. Learn more about Sound Dust in this video.

What do I need to use Sound Dust products?

Sound Dust requires Kontakt Full and it will time out after ten minutes if you try to use the free Kontakt Player. If you are unsure of whether you have the correct version, please see this handy guide

Where can I find out how to use Sound Dust?

We’ve created a range of How it Works videos and basic user manuals which you can find here {insert link} but you should certainly watch Pendle Poucher’s videos on the instruments over on his site here

What happened to DustBundle?

Dustbundle hasn’t gone anywhere, we have just changed it’s name to Sound Dust Vol.1, thats all.

Is Sound Dust Vol.1 education discountable?

Yes, to apply for this discount please click here.

Is Is there an articulations list?

Not for this product, but do check out Paul’s Walkthrough for examples of the sounds available.