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Frequently Asked Questions

Orchestral Swarm

Why do I need this library?

In this day and age, more and more is being demanded of us, and so the ability to create engaging, elegant and original music in an instant is what we all dream of. Orchestral Swarm enables this in a way that sounds graceful and intelligent, and it’s very easy to use.

What context is this library best used in?

There is a sweeping kinetic nature to this library and so it’s perfect for expansive panoramas, cityscapes and procedural sequences. A library like this is also a great textural tool to mix in with your existing libraries to add fascinating detail.

How can I use this library effectively?

With other more static libraries we tend to layer up a lot of different sounds to give our music life. This isn’t necessary with Orchestral Swarm, so don’t muddy your music by overlaying - let the Water flow! Whilst British Grove gave us the all important focus we desired we also find that the addition of reverb and liberal top end EQ-ing also works a treat if you want to go super widescreen.

Will Orchestral Swarm blend with more ambient Spitfire libraries?

Yes. Most film scores contain orchestral material recorded in different locations. This library is recorded in a fairly dry but beautiful sounding space, with great mics and pres, so you can use the two onboard reverbs to adjust the sound to more closely match your existing palette. We find adding about 25% to your wet libraries and 65% to your dry libraries will work fine. Make sure you don’t have the dry stuff too loud either - to sound like they’re in the band, they’ve got to be in and amongst the action. If your setup is quite a dry sound, why not leaven the sound with some Swarms with a nice long hall on, to give you extra light and shade?

How do I orchestrate with Orchestral Swarm?

Remember that you have an ensemble playing, so firstly think of this as orchestral sections - ask yourself what you want the Low Strings to be doing in this part, then just go for it and let yourself play! Remember, if it sounds good, it is good.

I'm not familiar with the microphones used in Orchestral Swarm?

The mic options used are Close, Decca Tree, Outriggers, Stereo Royers, R88 Ribbons, Mid Room.

Why is the mid room mic not available on the strings?

Brass in particular really benefits from getting a little more distance from the instrument to allow the sound to timbrally balance before it hits the mics. For this reason we’ve added a ‘mid’ distance option on the Brass and Woodwind sounds.

Will Orchestral Swarm be included in the 'Swarms' collection?

New libraries are not included in collections right away (apart from the ‘Everything’ collection). We may include it in a collection or two at a later date.