Why do I need Kepler Orchestra?

This library is an innovation in composition which solves the common compositional problem: allowing users to create realistic-sounding, complex interlocking polyrhythms. On top of this we have a number of new articulations created with space and motion in mind, the Bass Doppler’s and the Warped Ganymede patches available in our free demo (click here) are a great example of this.

Is this an Evolutions library?

No it is not. Whilst this library uses the familiar grid interface, it is probably closer to one of our Swarm libraries. Kepler Orchestra uses the Systems Grid to allow the mapping of different rhythmic variations across the keyboard.

How does the Systems Grid differ from the Evo grid?

Broadly speaking:
Systems Grid = Rhythmic/Temporal variations of timbrally similar techniques
Evo Grid = Timbral variations on rhythmic/temporally similar techniques

Although similar to our Evo Grid, our highly interactive Systems Grid is much more of an articulation mapping tool. Instead of using the pegs to create different textures, they are split by time divisions (duplet, triplet, quintuplet and septuplet time), tempo locked to your DAW, allowing you to quickly create sophisticated combinations of different rhythms

Is this is a dry library?

Kepler Orchestra was recorded in the smaller studio space of Air Studio One, giving us the ability to truly focus on the beauty and unique qualities of the instruments themselves. A great benefit to using a drier library is that you will have much more control and flexibility in how you choose to process the samples. 

When does the promotional period end?

The promotional price ends on Thursday June 6th 2019

What other Spitfire libraries will Kepler Orchestra work well with?

The Studio Orchestra and Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit, as they were all recorded in Air Studio One with the same microphones. Kepler Orchestra will also work very well with Spitfire Chamber Strings, Chamber Strings Evolutions and any of our Swarm libraries

The library will also work well with our Symphonic Range, recorded in Air Lyndhurst Hall. All you need is a decent reverb. We would recommend the VSS3 by TC Electronics, Lexicon Native or Valhalla DSP. We find adding about 25% to your wet libraries and 65% to your dry libraries will work fine. Make sure you don’t have the dry stuff too loud either, to sound like they’re in the band they’ve got to be in and amongst the action.

Is Kepler Orchestra available with an Educational Discount?

Yes, this library will be available with an educational discount. Apply here.

Can I use this library on more than one computer?

Yes, this is a single user license, but our EULA allows for installation on up to two computers at a time.

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