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How do you add Eric Whitacre Choir into Kontakt?

You don’t! Eric Whitacre Choir is a dedicated plugin available as VST, AAX and AU so it can be used directly in your favourite DAW.

What software will I need to run Eric Whitacre Choir?

We provide an AU, VST2, VST3 and an AAX, so as long as your chosen DAW supports one of those plugin formats, you’re good to go.


No. We will still be making Kontakt libraries.  

How large is Eric Whitacre Choir?

Almost 170GB, across two plugins - a choir plugin, and an evo plugin. Eric Whitacre Choir is available to download or order via our bespoke hard drive service. If you have unlimited data and a fast connection, it’s certainly possible to download, but if you’re not sure, we would recommend using our bespoke hard drive service to save your download burden. 

What other features are available in Eric Whitacre Choir?

It has simplified controls, featuring sliders for expression and dynamics, and a big knob that can be easily customised to the user’s personal workflow. It’s clutter-free and focused. We have tailored it specifically for orchestral work, so loading instruments is a pleasure. It also includes articulation filtering, with clear and beautiful icons.

What are evolutions, and what is an Evo grid?

Evolutions are long notes that change over time then loop seamlessly back to the beginning. In our “evo grid”, you can select different evolutions based on the range of the note you are playing.

A Quick Word About Word Builders

There are preconceptions about what a sampled choir should feature, but preconceptions are not what creates a Spitfire library. The absence of a “word builder” in Eric Whitacre Choir was not an oversight, but a statement of intent. “We decided very early on that we didn’t want to do that,” says Eric. “For me, the reason was aesthetic. When you’re writing for choir, the word is everything – they dictate the phrase and the climax of each sentence, so to have words appearing here and there didn’t make sense to me. It diluted what the singers do well. We thought: let’s use it more like a paintbrush. These vowels, oos aahs ehs, ees in their purest form, all these colours we can find without using words – how can we use these sounds? That liberated us.” 

Does Eric Whitacre Choir contain legatos?

Legatos are available on the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass sections.

Can I use this library on more than one computer?

Yes, this is a single user license, but our EULA allows for installation on up to two computers at a time.

If I want to install this library on a second computer, do I have to download it again?

No, you can simply copy the “Spitfire Audio - Eric Whitacre Choir” folder over and use the Repair feature in the Spitfire Audio App to ensure the plugin can find all the content that it needs.

Which other Spitfire libraries would Eric Whitacre Choir work well with?

Recorded in The Hall at Air Lyndhurst, this library will work well with many of our other libraries also recorded in the same location. These include: Hans Zimmer Strings, Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional, Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions, and Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional.

How does Eric Whitacre Choir compare with other choir libraries?

Eric Whitacre’s hand crafted personal touch to this library is like no other, recorded over a few weeks at Air Studios, Eric conducted each note and evolution with the Eric Whitacre Singers. “Over the years I have selected my favourites – not only singers, but personalities. So it’s just this beautiful family. I love these people.

Is Eric Whitacre Choir available with an educational discount?

Yes, this library is available with an educational discount. Request your educational discount here.

Why do I need this product?

Consider this the new core part of the orchestral range. Adding a choir to your composition can be as second nature as adding percussion, for example. This library’s voice, under Eric’s scrutiny, is a brand new world of sounds and aching emotion waiting to become part of the repertoire for composers.