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I already have lots OF softsynths. Why would I need Earth?

Earth is designed to be immediately useful for creating a widescreen, cinematic sound. Unlike many synth plugins, which are designed primarily for EDM or similar styles, this will sound great out-of-the-box, alongside organic orchestral samples.

Conversely, since this library has a uniquely cinematic sound, it is great for adding a widescreen sound to your pop, EDM and rock productions too. 

I already own eDNA01 — what's new?

We’ve updated EDNA01 to make it easier to use, and easier to find the sound you’re looking for. With NKS support, you can now browse and filter your sounds using Native Instruments’ Komplete and Maschine controllers.

We’ve also restructured and renamed the instruments folders to make them clearer and easier to navigate.

Since this is quite dramatically changed, we have special instructions for existing users needing to update on our eDNA ‘How It Works’ page.

What is Kontakt Player? Why Do I Need It To Use Earth?

Our products are sample libraries - sets of sounds recorded one at a time so that you can play them back on a keyboard. These sets of sounds need a program that enables them to be played back and can be loaded as a plug-in in your DAW (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.). That plug-in is Kontakt. Earth works with a free “lite” version of Kontakt called “Kontakt Player”.

What other Spitfire libraries would eDNA Earth work well with?

As this product features some of the original organic sounds taken from the recordings for libraries including the Symphonic Orchestra, Albion ONE, they blend very well together. We also recommend our polyconvolution synthesizer, BT PHOBOS, curated in collaboration with electronic producer BT.