Frequently Asked Questions

Contemporary Drama Toolkit

What’s in Contemporary Drama Toolkit?

The library features 72 individual instrument patches and 44 combinations. The combinations are a unique set of curated sounds that blend together perfectly. Featured sounds have sources including Juno 6, MS–20, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric cello, and electric violin — all processed via an enviable collection of analog effects, vintage pedals, and Eurorack modules.

What do the different velocity layers mean?

There are three main layers that you will see in our Drama Toolkit products:

Texture — Often used as a pedal note these sounds can be textured or straight, which is ideal for background or accompaniment

Soft — Straight playing for the notes you’d like to stand out. Bridging the gap between Texture and Loud

Loud — Lead or soloistic lines, for when you need the melody to really sing!  

Why is there no dynamics fader on this library?

Instead of the usual dynamics fader which we use in the vast majority of our libraries, our Drama Toolkit libraries makes clever use of velocity to allow you to play with both hands instead of riding the modwheel/fader with one hand. If you wanted to you could use the expression control for some added control.

What context is this library best used in?

This library is perfect when you want to create modern dramatic scores with real emotional impact, and when you’re working to a deadline. Keeping your eye on the drama rather than the computer, and with one patch capable of a such a huge range of expression, you can respond instinctively to the story rather than get sucked in to what Samuel Sim calls “the vortex of the computer”. 

Which other Spitfire libraries would Contemporary Drama Toolkit work well with?

This library works brilliantly with British Drama Toolkit, use the two libraries together in one pass for even more detailed performances. We have also been enjoying it alongside any of the Air Recordings such as Albion Neo or any of the libraries recorded at our drier London sound stage such as London Contemporary Orchestra Strings and Alternative Solo Strings

Is Contemporary Drama Toolkit available with an educational discount?

Yes, this library will be available with an educational discount.

Why do I need this product?

Create broadcast-ready cues using one patch. This library allows you to work quickly to articulate ideas around a tv or film cue, perfect for the busy composer who is under a tight dealine. But also for a music maker sketching ideas and wanting to use a contemporary palette of sounds.

How It Works

A look at how the Contemporary Drama Toolkit UI works.