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Frequently Asked Questions

Albion One: 10th Anniversary Edition

I’m new to composing - is Albion ONE the right product for me?

Absolutely! Albion ONE is just the right balance between ease of use when sequencing, with multiple orchestration possibilities. This means you will have all the sections of the orchestra available to you to produce your first orchestral tracks in a heartbeat. This is an excellent entry point to the world of virtual orchestration!

What is Kontakt Player? Why do I need it to use Albion ONE?

Our products are sample libraries - sets of sounds recorded one at a time so that you can play them back on a keyboard. These sets of sounds need a program that enables them to be played back and can be loaded as a plug-in in your DAW (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.). That plug-in is Kontakt.

Albion ONE is available in a free “lite” version of Kontakt called “Kontakt Player”.

What is the 10th Anniversary Edition and how is it different to Albion ONE?

To celebrate our 10th year in business, we decided to update Albion ONE with additional content, a new interface and NKS compatibility. Customers who already own Albion ONE will receive a free copy of the new version.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what’s new:


  • New UI design.
  • NKS-ready
  • Compatible with Kontakt 5.5 and above

The Albion Orchestra

  • 15 new combination patches, combining different articulations and instrument groups in exciting new ways

Darwin Percussion

  • New, punchier mixes of the recorded percussion by our Chief Engineer, Jake Jackson
  • Additional “Easter Island” hits

Stephenson’s Steam Band

  • 63 new sounds, and 67 presets, all personally created by Christian Henson

Brunel Loops

  • 78 new recordings across 8th, 16th and 12th rhythmic patterns
  • 90 presets, including 51 from Christian Henson

Do I need to download Albion ONE again in order to have the updated version?

No, this is an update, but a big one (12GB).

Why is the update so big?

We have streamlined the download process into a single download. 12GB contains a raft of new content for all sections of the library, plus some fixes to existing content.

What is Albion (legacy)?

Before Albion ONE, we released a product called Albion. This is what we refer to as Albion “legacy”. The concept was the same - to create a product that included everything you’d need to make film music. We’d released this when we were a much smaller company, and in the time afterwards we learned what people loved about it and how they were using it. With more experience and resource, we decided to redo Albion with a bigger orchestra, more content and greater ease of use. We called this Albion ONE.

How exactly does Albion ONE compare to Albion (legacy)?

As above, a key factor is the amount of additional resource and greater experience that’s gone into making the product. Since releasing Albion (legacy), we’ve released lots more great sample libraries. But, for the specifics, see below.

A bigger orchestra playing more articulations, featuring an all new runs section, all with more features and control. But, most of all, an orchestra with a tighter feel and brighter sound that’s easier to use.

More drums with a greater variety of applications, so not just thudding stuff; a more articulate and diverse selection.

More loops and synths, with more presets and an all new awesome ‘eDNA’ interface (a synthesizer for samples - take two samples/loops and blend them, mangle them, sequence them and much more).

As it is our flagship product you can be certain of frequent updates and fixes, plus free juicy new content, just as we have done with the 10th Anniversary Edition.

Since launching Albion (legacy) we have also created a customer experience team who can help you in real time with any queries (via our Live Chat) and a large editorial department who frequently create video content that helps you get the best out of Albion ONE.