Spitfire Symphonic StRings PErformance Legato Patches

Included in symphonic strings are a number of performance Legato patches - we take a look at these in action with oliver and speak to andy blaney about his demo which shows the possibilities with the new patches.

I’ve always been bored with how samples can dictate the writing process. A simple musical phrase might end up taking an age to realise - with having to glue together separate sample elements - and it’s so much easier to load a patch that does one thing well and go with it. I wanted to create patches that could play staccato, legato, runs and grace notes without the need for any gluing together. With the help of Blake Robinson and his virtuosic scripting (we really are not worthy), I’ve tried to design the performance patches to cover most writing/performing situations. They’ve changed not only how fast I write, but what I attempt to write.

I was listening to a lot of Prokofiev whilst programming the patches for Symphonic Strings, and so wanted to compose something that displayed some of the agility you often find in Prokofiev’s string writing. Apart from the odd pizzicato, I used only the five performance patches (Violins I & II, Violas, Celli & Basses) throughout the track and hope they demonstrate the range of possibilities. Lastly, I didn’t want to do an outright pastiche of Prokofiev and was thinking about his wearing of Haydn’s hat when writing the Classical Symphony. So I’ve forced Prokofiev to wear my Blaney hat for this demo. Sorry Sergei.