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Quick Tip: Workflow Tricks For Beginners

Homay takes us through some tips and tricks that are very helpful for anyone starting out with Logic.

It’s pretty easy to start using a DAW for basic use, but when you delve deeper into a composer workflow, it’s convenient to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help streamline your writing and mixing.

Homay has shortlisted a few handy tips to use in Logic, that she wishes she’d known earlier. Whilst these are her favourite Logic hacks, many are possible in other DAWs.

Capture Record: 

Allows you to recall last take, when recording or rehearsing along with a piece (as long as you hit play).

MIDI Chase: 

Allows you to play back MIDI information at any point of a note.

Link Icon: 

Allows you to go from channel to channel with the corresponding GUI opening.

+ a shortcut for the GUI to appear/disappear.

Load channels from other sessions into current session:

Brilliant for bringing in channels from other projects in a quick, easy fashion.

Assigning GUI knobs to your faders:

A simple task that can really help creativity.


Assign GUI knobs to automation.