Welcome to our debut edition of the LABS Notebook — our bimonthly offering of artist features, collaborative projects, musical discoveries and cultural tidbits.

What better way to kick things off than by asking our community to collaborate with us on our #labscollabs project. We asked Spitfire friend and composer ESKMO (13 Reasons Why, Billions) to write the base of a composition, which we paired with an animation by London-based 3D artist, Dan Ruiz. Using only LABS Strings and LABS Soft Piano, we asked the community to finish the track.

The team at Spitfire HQ clubbed together to listen to each entry across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, picking their favourite contributions. It wasn’t easy, as there were creative and intriguing pieces to choose from — it definitely warmed our cockles to see so many conversations going on between fellow music makers about the project. Oliver took these into the studio to stitch together the final chosen stems, and what an amazing track it is!


Benoit Lefevre, Élvio Rodrigues, Linwood Bell, Jesse Hartov, Ryan Rumery, YTT, Langlois Pierre-Yves, Sam Rad, Tim Atack, Bastiaan Barth & Menno Hoomans, Matthew Tanner, Anthony Keith Valley, Ben Fowler.

The Spitfire team got together in the studio and selected their favourite compositions. We had Rosa, Jo, Grace, Cat, Nico and Harnek search all the channels following the #labscollabs hashtag. Once the stems were sent to us, we handed them to the composer team to stitch them together.

See how Oliver completed Afterlife using the chosen stems in the video below:


Brendan Angelides is an LA based music producer & composer who records and performs live as “ESKMO.” His multi-genre records have been released on influential record labels such as Interscope, Ninja Tune, Warp, Milan, Apollo and Planet Mu.

He has toured globally as a live electronic act since 2003, and composed the score for 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) and Billions (Showtime). He has collaborated with artists ranging from Selena Gomez to Amon Tobin.

Dan Ruiz is a London based filmmaker and often combines live action footage with both 2D and 3D animation. He has worked with clients such as Clarks, Audemars Piguet, as well as regularly creating short films and music video content. 

With a dog determined to become human, Dan is often found on the coast of Kent letting Dot roam free. 

Check out Dan’s Instagram here: