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In Depth: Patrick Jonsson

‘Miracle Baby’ - The White Helmets

Composer and friend of Spitfire Patrick Jonsson takes us through one of his cues from the Academy Award Winning Netflix documentary, The White Helmets.

This cue is part of a very important scene in the movie - a team of “White Helmets” are searching for a young child in the rubble of a bombed building in Syria. Patrick takes us through his compositional choices,  explaining his structural choices and how he approached the key moments for the cue. Patrick also demonstrates how he replaced the sampled cello with help from cellist, Peter Gregson. They then discuss further the benefits of live recordings in cues.

Patrick then speaks with Peter about what collaborating with a musician on over dubbing. They discussed what the player can add, how they musician can work with the composer and how they add that extra something which could transform a cue to make it really stand out. 

In Conversation: Patrick Jonsson & Peter Gregson

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