Orchestral Programming: Day One

In this video, Christian Henson tries to allay fears about writing orchestral music. 

Do you need to be trained? Do you need to understand harmony? Do you need to be able to read music and have a firm grasp of music theory? Christian answers all of these questions with a firm “no”. Here at Spitfire, we feel that there is an opportunity to inspire a new generation of orchestral music makers, beyond one of the last vestiges of the old world order — the white, male, middle-class, conservatoire-attending snob. We believe that by harnessing technology, you can challenge that paradigm, and by embracing the three nuanced methods or modes of ‘electronic’ orchestration — Pads, Melody & Accompaniment — all you need to rely on is your ears, your taste in music, your aesthetic. Make music that sounds good to you, follow your bliss, and never fear the orchestra.

Two reference books recommended by Christian to gather dust at the back of your studio: