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The LABS Notebook #102 Artist Collaboration with Clark

For our second edition of the LABS Notebook, we introduce you to electronic artist, producer and composer, Clark. 

In this very special mini-doc, we ventured down to Brighton, U.K. to visit Clark at his home studio, where we were given an intimate insight into what excites him and inspires his music. We see how he uses the piano, and how the sound drives his ideas. Clark also shows us how he used the cello to score Channel 4 series Kiri, directed by Euros Lyn.

We also delved a little deeper, asking Clark to share with us his top three watch, listen and read highlights for this issue. 

Full name: Chris Clark

Based: Brighton U.K


Chris Clark has been producing music since the early 2000s, releasing predominantly on Warp Records

It’s hard to put a finger on the genre of Clark’s music, but he is recognised for his distinctly innovative and dynamic sound. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of catching Clark live, you’ll be well-versed in his interactive approach, making sure everything you hear is being played live on stage. 

Aside from releasing nine colourful solo albums, Clark is also a well-respected composer scoring for film, TV and game, his most recent TV title being Channel 4’s Kiri

Check out the music below to hear what Clark composed for The Last Panthers & Rellik

Chris Clark Labs Notebook
CLARK Death Peak Album
Watch Listen and Play Choices from Chris Clark
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