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Cribs: E7 Studios Collaborative Space

The first in a series discussing new collaborative spaces popping up around the world. First off our friends in Iceland talk about how the loneliness and late nights can be eased if there are friends close by.

Look out in the future for more insights into collaborative spaces gathered from newly created environments in London and Los Angeles. We’re glad and thankful to be welcomed into these progressive spaces that are taking the lonely out of late nights working at the musical coal face. It again reinforces the lesson which we learned when creating Spitfire Audio ten years ago; that we’re not in competition with each other (except on eBay); that we’re comrades, brothers in arms, a band of thieves. Together we’re stronger. When we talk we become wiser - and in this game we will never stop learning - whether it be sharing an undiscovered hot key on Pro Tools, a greater understanding of the octatonic scale, or indeed a better way of dealing with your next narcissistic attack; we’re all in this together!